February 25, 2018

Nurses union complains about working conditions

Nurses are leaving BC's Childrens and Women's hospitals in droves according to the union.  BC Nurses Union President Deb McPherson says a number of concerns expressed for years by nurses at the hospitals are being ignored. "We decided that maybe we needed to shine a little spotlight on what used to be the beacon of good employer relations in … [Read more...]

NDP complains logging fee changes will boost exports but cost jobs

The Liberal government is making changes to forest policy in a bid to boost harvesting in the central coast area, but the NDP is crying foul. Forests Minister Steve Thomson says a combination of lower export fees for logs from the central coast - plus higher fees elsehwere  - will mean one thing. "More would be made available to the domestic … [Read more...]

Facebook page complains about Canadians at Bellingham Costco

It appears some of our neighbours to the south, aren't too happy with the number of Canadians coming to shop. A new Bellingham-based Facebook page is being panned by those on both sides of the border. The page -- essentially -- complains about the number of Canadians "clogging up" the local Costco store... From parking, to long line-ups -- more … [Read more...]