February 21, 2018

BC Police Complaints Commissioner loses Wu case

The B-C Police Complaint Commissioner has lost an appeal to call a public hearing into the Yao Wei Wu case of alleged police misconduct. The B-C Court of Appeal has dismissed the Commisioner's request to hold a public hearing into the Vancouver man's case. Three years ago two police officers attending a domestic dispute call mistook Wu for someone … [Read more...]

Transportation Ministry monitoring Greyhound bus complaints

BC's Ministry of Transportation is monitoring complaints about Greyhound Canada in the wake of more customers being left stranded.  Government staff say they've been assured the private bus operators are investigating why one of their drivers walked away from up to 50 passengers at a gas station in Revelstoke earlier this week. No … [Read more...]

Top 5 Air Travel Complaints

What's the worst thing about air travel? The TSA put a survey together, coming up with the top 5 passenger complaints. Here's what they've proposed to do about them, and what we can do in the meantime. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

HandyDart boss vows to look into complaints

  The company that operates Translink's HandyDart service in Metro Vancouver is vowing to look into complaints levelled by drivers about a decline in service quality. M-V-T Canadian Bus Regional V-P Don Johnson says its the first time he's heard some of the allegations, which include passengers being left waiting so long they ran out of … [Read more...]

Delta “sex house” owner responds to complaints

Her home has been the subject of noise complaints for the swingers parties she throws, but one Delta woman is defending her right to do what she wants, in her own home. Linda Walters says the noise complaints have never been corroborated. "We have invited the neighbours to come by...and said, okay lets talk about it." She's never been taken up … [Read more...]