February 19, 2018

Concern grows for missing senior

It's been more than two days since 80-year old Shengyun Song was last seen in Langley. Today volunteer members of Central Fraser Valley Search and Rescue and the R.C.M.P are out looking for him. The senior, who does not speak English, went for a walk in the area of 93rd Avenue and 206B Street late Thursday morning. He was last seen wearing a blue … [Read more...]

Concern over proposed Langley composting facility

A proposed Metro Vancouver composting facility in Langley has some township councilors sounding alarm bells. Charlie Fox says the area proposed is environmentally sensitive, and they're worried the facility may not stop at yard waste and clean wood chips.  "My concerns are that there's really at this particular point there's been no public … [Read more...]

New virus, related to SARS, causes concern

Health care workers around the province are being told to be on the alert for patients who may be returning from travel to Saudi Arabia if they're showing any signs of severe respiratory illness or renal failure.  This after a new respiratory virus related to SARS is believed to have killed at least one person in Saudi Arabia and left another … [Read more...]

Transit police overtime costs are a concern says BC’s Transportation minister

BC's Transportation Minister is admitting he shares concerns some people may have after the review into Transit police was released last week.  Blair Lekstrom says the report has some good news, but not where it comes to overtime, where costs came in at a million and a half dollars.   "Obviously the costs are very significant and … [Read more...]

Concern over suspected shipment of mislabelled drugs is subsiding in BC

Shipments of drugs from Sandoz Canada, suspected of being mislabelled, have been cleared by the Ministry of Health.   When asked if it was emergency over DeborahDunn-Roy with Health Shared Services BC said "From BC's prespective, Yes, we did act very quickly on Wednesday as soon as we heard there might be a problem to pull back all of the two … [Read more...]

Drug scarcity not cause for concern

BC Health officials say people who take certain narcotics should not worry though the drugs are scarce.  A manufacturing plant in Quebec for Sandoz Canada is out of operation and not producing some injectable narcotics such as morphine. Deborah Dunn-Roy is with Health Shared Services BC, which aims to improve what goes on across the six health … [Read more...]