February 20, 2018

Surrey mayor concerned about surge in Pattullo Bridge traffic

The Mayor of Surrey is again raising concerns about the impact of tolling the Port Mann bridge on other crossings in her city. Dianne Watts says early numbers are not good. "The numbers that I got from the BC Trucking Association, they've monitored about a 25 per cent diversion onto the Pattullo Bridge which again is problematic because again … [Read more...]

BC Green Party concerned Municipal AG could face interference

As the new Municipal Auditor General opens her office the BC Green party is worried about political interference.  Green Party Leader Jane Sterk says unlike BC's Auditor General Basia Ruta is not technically independent. "Municipal Auditor General is reporting to a minister which means that, that position of Auditor General is very much more … [Read more...]

Health officials concerned over “rampant” flu outbreak

The Fraser Health Authority have classified a rampant flu outbreak in Metro Vancouver a health hazard. Chief Medical health officer Doctor Paul Van Buynder says serious steps are being made to take on the outbreak. Van Buynder says greater attention will be given to vulnerable residents fighting flu outbreaks in long term care facilities. "So our … [Read more...]

BC Chamber concerned business not ready for PST switch

The President of the BC Chamber of Commerce is concerned many small businesses are not ready to make the switch to the old provincial sales tax when it takes effect on April first. John Winter says a survey showed 63 per-cent of businesses are not ready for the change, and 73 per-cent feel they have not received enough information. "We're concerned … [Read more...]

Justice Minister concerned about hit and runs

BC's Justice Minister says a spate of hit and runs -- several of them fatal -- in Metro Vancouver have her very concerned. Shirley Bond says the issue is on her radar and she has asked her staff to see what can be done. When asked if the law should come down hard on those who are convicted in a hit and run accident, especially one where someone has … [Read more...]

BCTF concerned over regulations allowing School Boards to set calendars

BC Teachers' Federation President Susan Lambert says she's worried about school districts in the province being able to set their own school calendars. Lambert says it's difficult for families to organize family time if everyone is on a different calendar.  She says family time is something kids need in addition to school time. "I don't think … [Read more...]

BC small business concerned about potential NDP win

A new survey has found small business owners in BC are worried about the NDP winning next May's provincial election. 600 were questioned in the poll commissioned by the "Coalition of BC Businesses", and coalition chair Mark von Schellwitz says they are nervous. "77 per-cent are pessimistic about hiring under a BC NDP government.  68 per-cent … [Read more...]

Police concerned over number of new motorists drinking and driving

Vancouver police are again shaking their heads after catching more new drivers behind the wheel after they've been drinking.Over the weekend, 49 impaired drivers were taken off the road, including eight novice drivers subject to zero tolerance rules for alcohol.Since the summer campaign started three weeks ago, 30 new drivers have been handed … [Read more...]

Langley resident still concerned about future of forested lands

Glen Valley residents managed to save some forested land going up for sale -- for now -- but some residents are concerned it's only a short-term fix. The Township of Langley Council is taking three of eight forested lands in Glen Valley off the market after over 2000 locals signed a petition opposing their sale. Stuart Bucholtz, a resident … [Read more...]

Concerned Citizens for B.C. reveals more of its mandate

The head of the new Concerned Citizens for British Columbia group is revealing more of its campaign strategy for the upcoming provincial election. The organization was formed by Premier Christy Clark's former economic advisor, Jim Shepard, with one clear goal: re-elect the B.C. Liberals. "This is going to be a volunteer army, and it's going to be … [Read more...]