February 18, 2018

Education minister downplays carbon offset concerns in Vancouver

The Minister of Education is panning a Vancouver school district complaint over a funding disparity when it comes to carbon offsets. Don McRae says Vancouver needs to look at the big picture when it comes to money to help  schools become carbon neutral. "Well last year they recieved $ 860,000 in investment and put in less than half of that so … [Read more...]

WWC listens to residents concerns over pipeline expansion

The fight against climate change continues on the Lower Mainland, the latest event in east Vancouver.  The Wilderness Committee has hosted another town hall to talk about Kinder Morgan's plan to expand its Trans Mountain Pipeline which runs from Alberta to Burnaby. Spokesman Joe Foy says the group has hosted several meetings across the region, … [Read more...]

Health Minsiter says she hears care card security concerns clearly

As the province is set to start rolling out new care services cards next week, the Health Minister says she's heard security concerns loud and clear. While the BC Civil Liberties Association has asked for card implementation to be halted over major privacy concerns --  Margaret McDiarmid says the important voice for her to listen to is the … [Read more...]

Minister responds to Green concerns about new municipal watchdog

BC's new Auditor-General for Local Government reports to the public, and the public only - that's what BC's Minister of Local Govenment says, after Green Party leader Jane Sterk raised concerns about political interference. Bill Bennett says Basia Ruta does not report to him. Says Bennett, "I just didn't want the impression left with the public … [Read more...]

Concerns over BC Ferries switch to cable system for Denman Island route

The NDP’s Ferry Critic says the Government needs to prove a cable ferry system is safe before moving forward. This after an announcement Friday the run between Buckley Bay and Denman Island will be switched to the system starting in 2014. Gary Coons says communities have to be properly consulted.    He says telling a community … [Read more...]

Dix has concerns about cabinet shuffle

NDP leader Adrian Dix has some concerns about today's cabinet shuffle, including yet another new political master for ICBC, which is being returned to the Ministry of Transportation from Finance. "Since March 28th, 2008...John Les, John van Dongen, Iain Black, for a few days, Rich Coleman, Kash Heed, Mike de Jong, Rich Coleman again, Shirley Bond, … [Read more...]

More concerns over new flu policy

The association representing seniors care providers is reacting to the province's new influenza control policy. That policy will require health care workers to get the yearly flu shot. The BC Care Providers Association says it will comply with the new policy, but still has concerns over how it was implemented. Spokesperson David Hurford says there … [Read more...]

Bike rental operators voice concerns about new bike share program

After being promised they would be consulted by city staff about plans for a new public-private bike share program, several Vancouver bike rental operators are still waiting.Joe Kainer of English Bay Bike Rentals says that's why he felt compelled to interrupt a city council discussion about the program this morning."Well the problem for me is that … [Read more...]

Stakeholders disappointed after Coast Guard concerns fall on deaf ears

The general manager of the Jericho Sailing Centre is wondering why the Fisheries minister bother to meet with stakeholders at all.  Mike Cotter says not one of the stakeholders who met with Keith Ashfield were supportive of the closing of Kits Coast Guard base.  He even says they left the meeting feeling optmistic the minister took their … [Read more...]

MP expresses concerns about coast guard cuts

He may have voted for the Tories' massive budget bill, but one Conservative MP  says he still has concerns over cuts to the coast guard.In a statement released yesterday, Nanaimo-Alberni MP James Lunney repeats his earlier concerns over the downsizing of marine communication centres along the coast, as well as the closure of the Kitsilano … [Read more...]