February 22, 2018

Court hears the case of convicted rioter accused of breaching conditions

She'd been drinking and she was dressed to go out.  That's how the police officer who arrested Camille Cacnio is describing the convicted Stanley Cup rioter who violated her curfew in January. Vancouver Police Constable Barry Selver says he pulled Cacnio over during a routine road check in Gastown and smelled alcohol on her breath after she … [Read more...]

Nurses union complains about working conditions

Nurses are leaving BC's Childrens and Women's hospitals in droves according to the union.  BC Nurses Union President Deb McPherson says a number of concerns expressed for years by nurses at the hospitals are being ignored. "We decided that maybe we needed to shine a little spotlight on what used to be the beacon of good employer relations in … [Read more...]

Coast Mountain drivers want to talk about conditions

It's back to the bargaining table for Coast Mountain bus drivers.  It was only by a small percentage members approved a one year contract extension that expired the end of March. Drivers are looking for a wage bump but more importantly according to union President Don MacLeod it's working conditions that are front and centre at the … [Read more...]

Province spells out conditions for pipeline approval

The provincial government has outlined its requirements for approval of any heavy oil pipeline, such as the Northern Gateway project proposed by Enbridge. They include the completion of the environmental review process and implementation of world-leading marine and land oil spill response, prevention and recovery systems. BC's first nations … [Read more...]

Lightning sparks few fires, but conditions grow hotter, drier

Wildfire activity in B.C. is relatively quiet right now, but officials say it’s expected to heat up. Information officer Alyson Couch says conditions, particularly in the southern interior and the northeastern part of the province, are getting hotter and drier, and crews are being positioned in the appropriate areas. "It's really difficult … [Read more...]

Conditions perfect for West Nile

Conditions are perfect here in BC for an outbreak of West Nile Virus. So far this year there have been no cases of West Nile in the province but that could soon change with the hot, dry weather. Allen Furnell with the BC Centre for Disease Control says the hotter the weather, the faster mosquitoes develop. "in BC you have to remember we had a … [Read more...]

Grouse official warns of slippery conditions as popular hiking trail opens

The Grouse Grind opens on Saturday, which is three weeks earlier than last year, but you might want to watch your step. Sara Lusk with Grouse Mountain Resort explains the conditions might be a bit slippery near the trail's summit. "Mainly that has to do with high temperatures and sunshine we've had over the past little while, which has helped melt … [Read more...]

Scathing report on conditions for BC prison guards

If things don't change, a guard could die on the job. Those are the words today of Dean Purdy, a prison guard and spokesperson for the BC Government Employees Union. The union released a report today saying the job has become frightening and dangerous in recent years as the inmate population soared. "It's bad enough to go to work and have a female … [Read more...]

A former reporter accused of sex crimes has allegedly breached his conditions.

CKNW has learned the former Global TV reporter charged with child sex crimes is also now accused of violating his bail conditions.  Surrey RCMP say they got a tip october 20th alleging Ron Bencze had been around children.  Corporal Drew Grainger says weeks later he was charged with breaching his conditions.  Grainger says the … [Read more...]

B.C. tree planters found living in slave-like conditions still waiting for wages

Forestry company ordered to pay workers more than $ 220,000 for unpaid wages. Federal and provincial agencies should ensure workers get paid, says B.C. Federation of Labour ... Vancouver News latest RSS headlines - Big News Network.com … [Read more...]