February 20, 2018

Dyble report finds breaches of conduct, mis-use of government resources

The Dyble report (read highlights of the report here) on the ethnic voting scandal is out and it's more bad news for the BC Liberals. REVIEW OF THE DRAFT MULTICULTURAL STRATEGIC OUTREACH PLAN John Dyble has identified partisan activity among some government officials that breached the public service standards of conduct, and that some government … [Read more...]

Guilty pleas for post-riot conduct

A Surrey man has entered guilty pleas, in connection to crimes that took place just after last year's Stanley Cup riot. Duncan Yee is one of the few people who took part in last year's post-Canucks loss mayhem, but isn't considered a rioter. The 20-year-old was never charged with participating in a riot. But the Surrey man has now entered guilty … [Read more...]