February 21, 2018

Vancouver tops annual traffic congestion list

An annual survey suggests Vancouver had the worst traffic congestion in Canada last year. The year-long index by GPS firm TomTom says the average car ride takes nearly a third longer in a jam than when traffic is flowing freely in the city, and almost two thirds longer during evening rush hour. TomTom says that adds up to 84 hours of … [Read more...]

Vancouver mayor says new Port Mann won’t solve congestion

Vancouver’s mayor says the new Port Mann won't solve any traffic woes, ahead of the bridge’s December opening. Gregor Robertson says transit is the backbone of any strategy to move people from the city and into the farther regions of Metro Vancouver. Robertson was asked if building a bigger road or a new bridge has ever solved traffic … [Read more...]

Tribunal could bypass Court congestion for strata owners

The Executive Director of the Condominium Home Owners Association of BC is hopeful a planned tribunal to resolve strata and small civil claims outside the court system, will be successful. Tony Gioventu says his association has been part of the development and consultation process around the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act, "The tribunal process is … [Read more...]