February 25, 2018

Kittens left in cooler

Animal cruelty investigators are trying to identify  the person who abandoned six newborn kittens inside a cooler on a Surrey sidewalk yesterday. The kittens were dehydrated and appeared near-death. They were left in a light grey cooler in direct sunlight near Whalley Boulevard and 108th Avenue with a sign that read "free kittens". The kittens … [Read more...]

Air quality planner hoping cooler weekend weather will lead to cancellation of advisory

More heat and sunshine in Saturday's forecast, but clouds at night and throughout Sunday -- as well as a bit of rain. Julie Saxton, an Air Quality Planner with Metro Vancouver, says this will help drive down levels of ground-level o-zone -- which is behind Friday's air quality advisory.  "I'm keeping a very close eye on things. I'm rather … [Read more...]