January 21, 2018

The dock at Kits Coast Guard base has a new home at a cost to taxpayers

The union representing Coast Guard members says in the rush to close Kits base the feds seem to have overlooked an oil spill response boat. Union of Canadian Transportation Employees Regional Vice President Dave Clark says there is a reason crews rushed to tear down the Kits base dock. "They have figured out the dock that is at the Sea Island base … [Read more...]

New RCMP HQ might not cost municipalities as much as initially feared

The Mayor of Surrey says municipalities may not be on the hook for as much of the bill for the new Surrey RCMP headquarters as initially feared. Dianne Watts says at an meeting on policing costs in Ottawa last week she was told a part of the bill could be picked up by Public Safety Canada. "And so any of the capitol costs I have been told that we … [Read more...]

NDP complains logging fee changes will boost exports but cost jobs

The Liberal government is making changes to forest policy in a bid to boost harvesting in the central coast area, but the NDP is crying foul. Forests Minister Steve Thomson says a combination of lower export fees for logs from the central coast - plus higher fees elsehwere  - will mean one thing. "More would be made available to the domestic … [Read more...]

A new year but the same old story in cost sharing talks for the new RCMP HQ

It might be a new year but it is the same old story when it comes to negotiations over the cost sharing formula for the RCMP's new Surrey headquarters.  Langley City mayor Peter Fassbender says the province has drawn a hard line in the sand over costs but he also admits with the Feds staying quiet it has been an entirely one sided conversation … [Read more...]

Cost not yet pinned down for Surrey Memorial ER repairs

The emergency room at Surrey Memorial Hospital is still several days from re-opening after flooding. And officials have yet to determine how much it's costing. Repairs to the walls and floors are 90 percent done, and expected to be finished by the end of the day. Rowena Rizzoti, the hospital's executive director of clinical programs and operations, … [Read more...]

Seniors organization say Province’s generic drug cost drop a good move

The President of the Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC says the government's announcement prices of generic drugs will go down over the next couple of years will really help seniors. But Art Kube says brand-name drugs are the big drivers of drug costs across the country, with costs going up each year. He points out that in most cases, … [Read more...]

Families of in-care residents object to facility’s cost saving plans

The son of a resident at Burnaby's George Derby Care Home is hoping families will come together to rally against the plan for some services to be contracted out. A meeting for families was hosted by the Hospital Employees Union Wednesday night. Dale Gebhard says there is strength in numbers and says they want to passionately convey their … [Read more...]

Closing a section of Robson St could come with a cost

A Vision Vancouver town hall in the West End was mostly a friendly affair but not when it came to closing off a section of Robson Street for the one block by the Vancouver Art gallery. A shouting match erupted over the issue with Mayor Gregor Robertson admitting it is an issue. "It is a clear example of where you change something and actually the … [Read more...]

Bond: Extension of final report on Missing Women Inquiry won’t cost taxpayers any more money

Now that the final report on BC's Missing Women Inquiry has been extended a third time, Justice Minister Shirley Bond says that won't cost taxpayers any --more-- money. "I have been assured by Commissioner Oppal that the additional month is not going to incur additional costs." Bond says Wally Oppal's review --slated to be delivered by November … [Read more...]

Cost of BC Ferry service going up

Ferry travellers in BC will soon pay more for the service, and within three years, rates will rise as much as 12 per cent. The British Columbia Ferry Commission has approved a 4.1 per cent hike in April, another four per cent in 2014 and 3.9 per cent in 2015. The prices have been capped to factor in efficiency targets and service level … [Read more...]