February 19, 2018

Justice system needs work says Councillor

After a string of murders to start the year, the City of Surrey is pushing for a change to the justice system.  Councillor Barinder Rasode says there seems to be a revolving door in the Courts for prolific offenders.  Rasode says the justice system actually creates prolific offenders which in turn can be responsible for various crimes, … [Read more...]

More service cut information sought by Councillor

At least one Surrey Councilor is not to happy with the amount of information being revealed by Translink over impending service cuts.  Marvin Hunt says it is silly to issue a press release saying 34 routes will be affected by 'service optimization' and only list three specific examples.  Hunt says Surrey remains in the dark about what … [Read more...]

Vancouver city councillor: land titles show Kits Base property is federal crown land

After the Department of Fisheries and Oceans told CKNW the land the Kits Coast Guard base sits on is owned by the province and leased to the federal government, a Vancouver city councillor says that doesn't match the information he has. Councillor Kerry Jang. "I did some looking around and I found in all documents I could find that it is actually … [Read more...]

Opposition Vancouver Councillor wins positive legal “opinion.”

Adriane Carr says the legal "opinion" confirms what she believed all along - that City Manager Penny Ballem doesn't have any authority to interefere with a motion Carr put forward to be discussed at the council table. Carr sought the opinion after Ballem blocked her from asking staff to examine the potential financial impact of the park board plan … [Read more...]

Councillor to speak from City Hall steps

Adriane Carr plans to announce her legal strategy on the steps of Vancouver City Hall Tuesday morning, after a motion of hers was quashed last week.  The City Councilor had tried to get more information on any impact a new funding plan for community centres would have on the budget. But that effort was tossed aside by the City Manager, who … [Read more...]

Councillor Carr hires a lawyer

A Vancouver city councillor has responded to the city manager's blocking of her motion by hiring a lawyer. Councillor Adriane Carr says Penny Ballem exceeded her jurisdiction when she quashed Carr's request for the financial details of a plan to pool the resources of the city's 20 volunteer run community centres. "This is a matter of who's in … [Read more...]

Vancouver city councillor wants to move towards mobile business licensing

A Vancouver city councillor says it could be cheaper for small businesses and less of an administrative burden for municipalities. Geoff Meggs is bringing a motion before council next week, hoping to move further towards establishing a mobile business licensing program. Right now, if a business works in more than one municipality, it has to have a … [Read more...]

NPA councillor seeks better food cart/restaurant balance

A Vancouver city councillor is standing up for local restaurants as they deal with increased competitioni the form of the popular food cart program. NPA councillor George Affleck plans to table a motion next week to have staff look at changes to the food cart program to help ease restaurant owners' concerns. This, he says, especially since the city … [Read more...]

Delta City Councillor nominated NDP candidate for Delta North

Delta City Councillor Sylvia Bishop has been nominated the NDP's candidate for Delta North in May's provincial election. Bishop is a former elementary school teacher. She's lived in Delta her whole life. In a release, NDP leader Adrian Dix says Bishop's experience as a teacher and as an elected official in Delta will make her an "able and effective … [Read more...]

Vancouver Councillor praises PoCo over anti-bullying

Vancouver City Council will soon be debating a motion that proposes looking at opportunities for coordinated anti-bullying action in Vancouver, similar to Port Coquitlam's "Be Someone" campaign announced Tuesday. Councillor Andrea Reimer introduced the motion, calling for staff to approach the Board of Education, and community groups already doing … [Read more...]