February 20, 2018

Man accused of stabbing spree makes first court appearance

A French citizen accused of injuring several people at a Vancouver apartment building on Thursday evening will be held in custody until he's been psychiatrically assessed. Jerome Bonneric made a brief court appearance Monday morning looking confused and wearing a cast on his lower right arm. Lawyer --Bob Bellows-- says his 33-year old client … [Read more...]

Judicial Review gets underway in BC Supreme Court over Vancouver Island park use permit

A Judicial Review beginning Monday in BC’s Supreme Court in Vancouver has champions for the environment crossing their fingers. The case, started by The Friends of Strathcona Park, challenges the Provincial Government's authority on how they protect parkland. At the centre of the case is a park use permit for a private resort on Vancouver … [Read more...]

Mother of Chelsey Acorn calls court decision “unbelievable”

A BC mother says it's "unbelievable" one of the men convicted in the death of her daughter has had that conviction overturned, and will now get a new trial. Dustin Moir was convicted of first-degree murder in Chelsey Acorn's death back in 2010, and received a life sentence. The BC Court of Appeal has ordered a new trial, ruling the trial judge did … [Read more...]

NDP say AG can still provide audit despite court ruling

BC's Auditor General may have been halted in his mission to shed light on the province's six-million-dollar legal payout related to the BC Rail scandal.  But the NDP says that doesn't mean he still can't provide a good audit as to why taxpayers were forced to pickup the tab for the two former Liberal staffers who pleaded guilty in the affair. … [Read more...]

Constitutionality of court fees decision reserved

Judgment has been reserved on an appeal challenging the constitutionality of court hearing fees. Three days worth of arguments have now wrapped up in BC's highest court.  One of the groups challenging the validity of fees involving family law is West Coast Leaf. "They have a discriminatory impact on women and because they impact women's … [Read more...]

B.C. Metis leader hails court decision to grant his people Indian status

A federal court has ruled that Métis and other non-status Indians do indeed have status, and so fall under federal jurisdiction. That means about 600,000 people who live off-reserve in Canada now qualify for the same benefits from Ottawa as First Nations as the Inuit. The president of Métis Nation BC calls the ruling “an … [Read more...]

Sex-trade advocates gear up for 2013 court battle

Advocates for the rights of sex workers in Vancouver are busy preparing for a court case next June that will directly influence their own case to abolish prostitution laws here in BC. A group of Vancouver sex workers were cleared in September by the Supreme Court of Canada to proceed with their challenge of prostitution laws. Now, the group can … [Read more...]

Unions taking Federal Minister to court

Unions are heading back to court over claims HD Mining is refusing to follow a judge's order to turn over documents relating to the hiring of temporary foreign workers. And unions say Federal Human Resouces Minister Diane Finley isn't even aware of what's going on in the case involving a new mine in northern BC. BC federation of labour … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone found to infringe on three MobileMedia patents in US court

Bloomberg News is reporting this morning that Apple's iPhone has been found to infringe on three MobileMedia patents in a US court. For those unaware, MobileMedia is an outfit that's owned by Sony, MPEG-LA and Nokia, being formed in early 2010 mostly as a means to enforce patents owned by the trio. Earlier this year, a court ruled that a screen … [Read more...]

Tumbler Ridge Mayor applauds Federal Court decision to throw out injunction

The Mayor of Tumbler Ridge is welcoming a Federal Court decision dismissing two unions' efforts to keep sixty Chinese miners from arriving in the province to start work at a Northern BC mine. Darwin Wren says he's pleased HD Mining will be continuing work with a new underground mine in his community, saying there are a lot of local people working … [Read more...]