January 23, 2018

BC’s Justice Minister hasn’t considered financial impact of tougher restrictions on those not criminally responsible

BC’s Justice Minister says she's already working with the Federal Government to ensure tougher restrictions involving people found not responsible for serious crimes are approved quickly. "We've been very aggressive about this agenda. Generally, I'm very pleased,” says Shirley bond.  Bond says --at this point-- there have been no … [Read more...]

Restrictions increasing for those found not criminally responsible

Almost five years after a man murdered his three children in Merritt, the federal government has promised more restrictions on people found not responsible for violent crimes. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the legislation after meeting with Darcie Clarke... the mother of the two boys and a girl killed by her former husband Allan … [Read more...]

RCMP: Those posting hurtful messages on web pages for Amanda Todd run risk of being criminally charged

The RCMP say more than 400 tips have been received in connection with the death of Amanda Todd. The 15-year old took her own life this week -- after years of bullying -- much of it online. But even in death -- Amanda is still the target of heartless online abuse. From online trollers posting hurtful messages and images on pages dedicated to … [Read more...]

Mentally ill man not criminally responsible in deadly attack

A 28-year old man who killed his father and seriously injured his mother while in a pyschotic state last year has been found not criminally responsible due to mental illness. Jordan Ramsay, who has been suffering from schizophrenia since he was a teenager, attacked his parents while they were sleeping in North Vancouver home on November 5th. He … [Read more...]

Woman found not criminally responsible in DTES death

A 43-year old woman has been found not criminally responsible - in connection with the 2011 death of a popular downtown eastside handyman.Alice Bullington had been charged with manslaughter.56-year old Raymond Robertson was found in his room at an East Hastings Street boarding house early last March.Police have never said how he was … [Read more...]