January 21, 2018

Cummins to Harper – Don’t close Kits coast guard base

A former federal Conservative MP and now leader of the BC Tories has taken pen to paper to tell the Prime Minister that closing Kits Coast Guard base is a mistake. John Cummins says he has told Prime Minister Stephen Harper that closing Kits base will risk lives, affect safety of boaters, and is an all round bad idea. Cummins says his hope is that … [Read more...]

Cummins; dissidents deadlocked

The leader says he's staying. The so-called dissidents say he has to be gone, by the weekend. It's been a truly topsy-turvy day for the embattled BC Conservative Party. John Cummins has issued a couple of statements today, one saying the BC Conservative party is in its best ever shape, financially. His second statement says 14 active members of the … [Read more...]

Embattled leader Cummins says the books are in great shape

 With his leadership under attack, BC Conservative Party leader John Cummins has now issued a statement.  But the statement focuses on the bottom line, not the turmoil within the party.  Cummins has released information saying the party is in the best financial shape it's ever seen. The party's treasurer says the B.C. Conservatives … [Read more...]

BC Conservatives demanding Cummins resign are told to get in line or get out

It's the problem that just won't go away for the fledgling BC Conservatives... More infighting is coming to light over the leadership of John Cummins -- just weeks after the party voted against a leadership review. And now, the options for dissidents are simple: join in -- or get out. It's in response to a new petition of as many as 20 constituency … [Read more...]

UPDATED: John Cummins faces more internal dissent

Rumours of his leadership demise are greatly exaggerated according to the man who is the face of the BC Conservative party.  In text message John Cummins called it "wishful thinking."  An official with the BC Conservative party also said Cummins isn't going anywhere.  Director of policy and research Christy Fredericks is casting … [Read more...]

Cummins survives Conservative leadership review vote

BC Conservative Party leader John Cummins has survived to fight another day as party leader. Out of 1,104 votes, only 312 or 28 percent voted for a leadership review. “Total no votes for a leadership election: 788. Percentage of no votes for an election, 71.4 percent.” John Cummins will address the party shortly with a speech called … [Read more...]

Faction opposing John Cummins cuts him some slack ahead of crucial vote

After the defection of John Martin and just ahead of the BC Conservative party's AGM the faction looking to unseat John Cummins is now striking a more conciliatory tone.  Ben Besler is heading up a slate of candidates for the party's board called Friends of the BC Conservative party.  Besler is also pushing for a yes vote in a leadership … [Read more...]

Cummins sends letter to the PM over fish

  The leader of the BC Conservatives has taken pen to paper to oppose a move made by a Federal Government he was once part of.  John Cummins has written Prime Minister Stephen Harper to urge him to rethink amendments to the Fisheries Act.  Cummins says the changes would see public ownership of fish taken away, "Take that fisheries … [Read more...]

Cummins appeal

The BC court of appeal has reserved its judgment, on whether to overturn BC conservative leader John Cummins' fisheries act conviction. Cummins' conviction stems from a 2002 protest, where he and 87 other fishermen dropped their nets during an "aboriginal-only" fishery. After an appeal court hearing yesterday, Cummins says, now that he has to … [Read more...]

The leader of the BC Green party says both Clark & Cummins will try to block an effort to unite the right.

The leader of the BC Green Party is throwing more wood on the fire when it comes to merging the BC Liberals and BC Conservatives.  Jane Sterk says momentum might build to unite the right, despite the feelings of the two party leaders.    She said "I do think that we are going to see more impetus particularily from the busines backers … [Read more...]