February 19, 2018

Premier is missing all candidate debate in Vancouver-Point Grey

One of the first all candidate debates is taking place in Vancouver-Point Grey without the Liberals Premier Christy Clark is the Liberal candidate in this riding but the party says her invite came too late. Andrew Wilkinson, the Liberal candidate in nearby Vancouver-Quilchena, showed  up to take the Premier's place but organizers of … [Read more...]

Debate over Chinese only signs back before Richmond City Council

A Richmond City Councillor says he's open to hearing from two residents who are concerned about the amount of Chinese signage in the city.  Chak Au says council could revist the issue -- as two women, armed with a petition, are set to make a presentation on Monday saying there is too much Chinese-only signage.  "I'm open on this one … [Read more...]

Broadway corridor transit debate

People on both sides of the Broadway transit debate weighed in at a Vision Vancouver organized town hall meeting at St. James Community Square. Gren Coombe lives just down the street from where the meeting took place, and says he wishes it was a multiparty event, "You get the mayor and his cohorts up there, and you just get their view. It would be … [Read more...]

New mine proceeding despite foriegn worker debate

Even though hundreds of foreigners hired to work at a new underground coal mine could still lose those jobs, the company involved is planting more roots in Tumbler Ridge.   HD Mining plans to spend $ 15-million on housing for chinese workers, but the company's Jody Shimkus says --eventually-- those 'temporary' employees will be replaced … [Read more...]

Tax debate: roll back versus increase

B.C.'s Environment Minister says the Opposition's carbon and corporate tax plan would lead the province down an old, bad road. Terry Lake takes issue with the NDP saying it would "roll back" corporate taxes if elected.  He says they should call it what it would be: an increase, like B.C. saw in the 90s, with dire … [Read more...]

Middle ground unlikely in Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain debate

Risk is part of the equation for Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain expansion project, but it can be managed. That was the message from SMIT Marine Canada president Frans Tjallingii. He argued in favour of the project at a debate Tuesday evening at UBC Robson Square. "I think there's always going to be a certain level of risk, but it's about evaluating … [Read more...]

Vancouver Police staying out of marijuana debate

Kash Heed's former workplace --for nearly three decades-- is staying out of the debate on whether marijuana should be legalized and taxed. Sgt. Randy Fincham says that's not something Vancouver Police can comment about. "It is a federal, federal legislation you'd be looking at and that'd be something referred to either Kash Heed or the federal … [Read more...]

Federal riding boundaries up for debate

With additional seats up for grabs in the next federal election, riding boundaries throughout B.C. are up for debate. B.C. is set to gain six seats. With that shuffle the lines on the electoral map are set to shift. A number of residents from ridings throughout Vancouver gave their suggestions to the commission responsible for drawing up the new … [Read more...]

Debate continues over whether to recall Legislature

The NDP's House leader is continuing to slam the Government's decision not to recall the Legislature for a fall session.Speaking on CKNW's "World Today Weekend," John Horgan says Christy Clark and the Liberals would have a better chance to win next May's election if they showed their mettle in the public eye. "The last thing I would advise them to … [Read more...]

Park Board to debate a halt to catering briefings

An NPA commissioner on Vancouver's park board wants to cut down on the catering. Melissa De Genova plans to table a motion next week to stop ordering in during staff briefings. "These savings could amount to a weekend program for a youth worker at Strathcona or some of the hours cut at the community centres. You know, it really all adds up." De … [Read more...]