February 21, 2018

Wind sends construction debris flying in Vancouver

Police say no one was hurt after debris blew off of a downtown highrise project and onto the street below at about 6:00 Wednesday night.  Vancouver Police had to close Davie Street between Bidwell and Denman after construction material including glass blew onto the street.  Police at the scene said the glass landed on some cars but … [Read more...]

Province works on plan to clean up tsunami debris

The province has laid out the next phase of its plan to deal with incoming debris from the Japanese tsunami. Environment Minister Terry Lake says staff are now working with coastal communities and First Nations to determine exactly how they're going to monitor and clean up what washes ashore from last year's disaster. Lake says about one and a half … [Read more...]

Falling debris at Vancouver building

People living near a high-rise construction site in downtown Vancouver are concerned about falling debris. This morning, a huge piece of glass fell from the 'Mark' tower at Pacific and Seymour and landed on a car. Area resident Amanda Bates fears it's only a matter of time before someone's hurt or killed. "It's a window, you can see from the frame … [Read more...]

Environment Minister welcoming help with cleaning-up of tsunami debris

The Minister of Environment is welcoming a big volunteer effort to tackle the clean up of tsunami debris along the west coast.  Terry Lake says while the government has a role to play, the effort from people along with various groups will help tackle the clean up.  But he encourages people to keep in mind the value of some debris to the … [Read more...]

Shoreline cleanup crews looking for help ahead of tsunami debris arrival

As Japanese tsunami debris starts to wash ashore along the Pacific coast, a conservation group hopes to recruit volunteers to help in the effort. Jill Dwyer with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup says the group has launched an online registry. "With the tsunami debris, we don't really know how much is coming, or when it's coming, but we're just … [Read more...]

BC unites with Western States over tsunami debris issue

    The Premier and the Governors of Washington, Oregon and California have agreed they will collaborate to manage potential marine debris from the tsunami in Japan last year that may wash up along the west coast. Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire says the leaders have agreed to develop a joint communication strategy, share … [Read more...]