February 19, 2018

BC Ferries demands more of your money

The arrival of April Fools' Day this year may see an end to the Harmonized Sales Tax, but ferry travellers in BC can expect to pay at least four per cent more. Rates are going up, but Deborah Marshall with BC Ferries says frequent users will still be able to access discounts. "What we call the 'BC Ferries experience card' to give residents of … [Read more...]

Mayors stick to deadline on transit funding demands

The Mayor of Vancouver says he and his fellow mayors are sticking to their deadline  when it comes to finding a solution on transit funding. Gregor Robertson says if no new funding is found by February 28th the impact on the transit system will be immediate. "If there isn't money found in the budget or new money that is put forward by the BC … [Read more...]

DEVELOPING: Surrey Mayor demands apology from BCLC boss

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says the head of BC Lotteries owes her an apology for suggesting she acted irresponsibly in the lead up to the recent rejection of a casino project in her city. "To suggest that I should have voted regardless of public opposition is irresponsible on his account in terms of his comments that he has directed at me." Speaking … [Read more...]

NDP Children and Family critic demands change to deal with child poverty

The NDP are condemning the provincial government for aborting the fall sitting of the legislature after the latest update on child poverty in BC.  Children and Family critic Claire Trevena says the report shows politicians need to be working on solutions in Victoria.  She calls a disproportionately large number of first nations kids … [Read more...]

Vancouver city council demands meeting with the Prime Minister over Coast Guard cuts

Vancouver city council has passed a motion, calling for a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss the pending closure of the Kitsilano Coast Guard base.  Mayor Gregor Robertson says there's a good chance lives will be lost if operations are re-located to the base in Richmond.  "As elected officials, we must continue to … [Read more...]

Premier withdraws from energy strategy over Northen Gateway demands

"It’s not a national energy strategy if B.C. doesn't sign on." That, from Premier Christy Clark on the bid by premiers to put together a national energy strategy. Reporter Alison Auld of the Canadian Press tells CKNW that Clark stepped out of meetings at the Council of the Federation in Halifax to speak to reporters. “She said that she … [Read more...]

Premier demands better Northern Gateway deal

Premier Christy Clark is vowing to "fight for BC" and says she won't support the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal unless Alberta agrees to sit down and sweeten the deal for British Columbia. Clark says right now, things seem pretty one sided---in favour of the Albertans. "They take the bulk of the benefits. they take a minority of the risk. … [Read more...]

BC’s Transportation Minister weighs into Mayors demands for drivers to pay more for transit.

Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom says he'll take some time to consider the mayors' requests before respondingvbut he says at least a couple of their requests are non-starters.  He said "there was a request for a portion of the provincial carbon tax for example, all of that money is committed and I've had that discussion with the mayors … [Read more...]

The political reaction from Victoria to BCTF demands was swift, on both sides of the legislature.

Despite the appeal from the Teachers Union, BC's Education Minister says the financial gap between the two sides is far too wide for a mediator to bridge.    The union's call for arbitration or mediation is supported by the NDP Education critic Robin Austin.   Austin said "Someone who can go and crack heads, someone like … [Read more...]

Teachers reduce demands as way to spark talks

VANCOUVER - B.C. teachers say they're ready to reduce their demands at the bargaining table more than five months after starting strike action.The B.C. Teachers Union says the "significant shift" is meant to spark momentum in negotiations after nearly 70 sessions at the bargaining table.The union says it will provide more details about its proposal … [Read more...]