January 21, 2018

Kits CG Base: Now you see it, now you don’t, almost overnight

The Union representing Coast Guard members is warning it won't just be the dock, the Federal Government wants to tear down the entire Kits Coast Guard Base.  Canadian Transportation Employees Union Regional Vice-President Dave Clark says it is crazy to see the Kits Base dock being removed, "It doesn't make any sense. It is interesting, I have … [Read more...]

Cummins to Harper – Don’t close Kits coast guard base

A former federal Conservative MP and now leader of the BC Tories has taken pen to paper to tell the Prime Minister that closing Kits Coast Guard base is a mistake. John Cummins says he has told Prime Minister Stephen Harper that closing Kits base will risk lives, affect safety of boaters, and is an all round bad idea. Cummins says his hope is that … [Read more...]

Study finds transit fare gates don’t curb crime

Fare gates on public transit systems have very little impact on fare evasion, crime and public disorder. That's the finding of a study carried out by Criminologist Darryl Plecas at the University of the Fraser Valley.  Plecas says while the introduction of turnstiles and fare gates is perceived by the public as a panacea to deal with fare … [Read more...]

Much touted savings don’t exist via Coast Guard

The Federal Government will be saving less than it thought in closing the Kitsilano Coast Guard base next spring.  Coast Guard Commissioner Marc Gregoire says the net savings are only 700-thousand dollars a year, "We have 12 FTE's in total in Kitsilano. The closure of it will not incur a lot of costs per se." Gregoire says replacements for … [Read more...]

Mulcair: Unions don’t influence my party

After speaking to the BC Federation of Labour Convention in Vancouver the leader of the Federal NDP says unions have no influence on his party.  Thomas Mulcair says his party is working for better wages and work place conditions, both things he says are good for everybody.  Mulcair says he works with labour, banks, and oil companies and … [Read more...]

Planned cuts by Feds don’t sit well

The New Democrat MP for Surrey-North is blasting the Federal Conservatives over planned cuts to the public service. It's a move that would see more than 40 front-line RCMP staff lose their jobs in BC. Jasbir Sandhu says it goes against the Tories, Tough on Crime agenda, "These are front-line workers that provide support to the RCMP officers to do … [Read more...]

Don’t take the chance, get a flu shot

That message from the Province's Chief Medical Health Officer. Dr. Perry Kendall says the shot is particularly important for those in "high-risk" groups, like pregnant women and those people over 65, "The other group for whom this vaccine is really important are people who are in contact with people who are susceptible to complications, or who … [Read more...]

Truckers don’t need AirCare

The BC Government doesn't need to clamp down on heavy-duty trucks as it re-focus the AirCare program.  Louise Yako, President of the BC Trucking Association, says it's unnecessary because engine and fuel standards have much improved in the past two decades.  So, what about those trucks often spotted coughing out black smoke along the … [Read more...]

Some Vancouver parking meters still don’t accept new toonie

At least 30 per cent of Vancouver’s parking meters still can't accept the new Toonie coin. The city says it's working on the problem, but in the meantime customers who lose their money can be reimbursed. The City's Taryn Scollard says if you lose your money you can phone 3-1-1 within city limits and explain the situation. "One of the options … [Read more...]

Numbers don’t match up for NPA trustees campaigns

    The top NPA vote-getters spent far more than they brought in, and nothing indicates how either paid for the shortfall. Long-time trustee Ken Denike only declared $ 6,600 in contributions, but spent over $ 36,000 on his campaign. Rookie trustee Sophia Woo claims she spent almost $ 38,000 but only raised $ 6,500. This isn’t … [Read more...]