February 21, 2018

Education minister downplays carbon offset concerns in Vancouver

The Minister of Education is panning a Vancouver school district complaint over a funding disparity when it comes to carbon offsets. Don McRae says Vancouver needs to look at the big picture when it comes to money to help  schools become carbon neutral. "Well last year they recieved $ 860,000 in investment and put in less than half of that so … [Read more...]

Government downplays courthouse bed bug outbreak

The BC government is attempting to downplay the discovery of bed bugs at two court houses in Vancouver. An emailed statement from the court services branch reads "......while unpleasant, bed bugs do not present a public health hazard as they don't transmit disease. This has not resulted in the delay of court proceedings or the closure of court … [Read more...]

Coleman downplays brewing controversy

A controversy linking a well known lobbyist, a BC Liberal who owns a craft beer company, and cabinet minister Rich Coleman,  is being called "political games" by the minister. Rich Coleman says Pacific Western Brewing Company might have to lay off staff to avoid a fiscal hit as it exceeds a mandated production quota. Coleman says he is simply … [Read more...]

Clark downplays Chinese miners controversy

Premier Christy Clark is playing down a controversy over mining jobs in BC going to Chinese workers. Clark says the 200 Chinese miners are just doing exploratory work, and she's pushing for British Columbians to get any future jobs with the company.   "We are advertising hard to try and get out there and find BC workers and train up bc … [Read more...]

The leader of the NDP downplays latest Angus Reid polling numbers

Despite ongoing attempts to paint him as bad for BC's economy, NDP leader Adrian Dix is still the most popular choice for premier in the latest Angus Reid public opinion poll.  Dix says his refusal to go negative seems to be working against all his detractors including Premier Christy Clark.  As for whether he's worried about the NDP … [Read more...]

Labour minister downplays drain of government communications officials

The Clark government seems to be losing a lot of its chief spokespeople, but the minister responsible is playing down the trend. At least 11 communications directors have either fired or left their posts in the last year, but Labour and Citizens Services Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says that's normal turnover for a highly stressful job. "I have … [Read more...]

Liberal minister downplays latest doom and gloom poll

A BC cabinet minister who staved off a recall campaign after the last provincial election isn't worried about a new poll showing there's little trust in the Liberal government.  Ida Chong, the minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, says she's still confident she'll be re-elected next year, even though the latest Ipsos Reid poll … [Read more...]

Premier’s new press secretary downplays BC Rail scandal memo

Nothing to see here. That appears to be the message from the premier's incoming press secretary about a recently-unearthed memo signed by Dave Basi, one of the men who pleaded guilty in the B.C. Rail scandal. Basi claims in the memo, signed before the 2003 raid on the legislature, that fellow accused Bobby Virk allegedly told him that Christy … [Read more...]