February 21, 2018

Doyle: Maximus deal comes up short

Auditor General John Doyle says a ten year, 324 million dollar deal between the province and American based "Maximus" has not produced all the expected benefits. Maximus operates BC's Pharmacare and Medical Services Plans. The expected benefits were improved service levels to the public and health care providers, updated systems, and improved … [Read more...]

Doyle slams special committee

Auditor-General John Doyle says it's premature to consider a proposal to extend his term by two years, since that recommendation has not yet been approved by the provincial legislature. But Doyle criticized the special committee that has been wrestling with the issue for several weeks, saying the process should have been handled better and has been … [Read more...]

Premier’s Office says Doyle decision not political

BC'S opposition leader, Adrian Dix, is blaming the ruling government's refusal to listen to critics for a controversial decision to fire Auditor General John Doyle. "It makes no sense for the public to remove an Auditor General who's done an outstanding job. It makes no sense to spend additional money." Dix has promised to put politics aside if … [Read more...]