February 20, 2018

Chlorine is still being put in Chilliwack’s drinking water

It has been a week since E-Coli tests came back negative but chlorine is still being pumped into Chilliwack’s drinking water and the mayor is not happy about it. Sharon Gaetz says the people in her city want their fresh drinking water back. 

"Of course when we chlorinated the Greendale area because we are on a loop system chlorine has gone … [Read more...]

‘Tis the season for the RCMP Drinking Driving Counterattack Campaign

RCMP in the Lower Mainland are trying to curb impaired driving once again this holiday season with their annual Christmas Counterattack campaign. Corporal Robert McDonald says anybody that's been drinking should be prepared to be tested. And if someone fails, their vehicle will be impounded, and they'll receive a ninety day road prohibition. "This … [Read more...]

RCMP deny Galliford allegations; claims she had drinking problem

The Federal and provincial governments are standing firm in response to Corporal Catherine Galliford's claims of being sexual harassed during her 16 year stint with the RCMP. In a joint statement of defence,  the Canadian and BC governments claim Galliford had a drinking problem she had no interest in dealing with, and stating she failed to … [Read more...]

Police concerned over number of new motorists drinking and driving

Vancouver police are again shaking their heads after catching more new drivers behind the wheel after they've been drinking.Over the weekend, 49 impaired drivers were taken off the road, including eight novice drivers subject to zero tolerance rules for alcohol.Since the summer campaign started three weeks ago, 30 new drivers have been handed … [Read more...]

Drinking and driving stats go up in Vancouver

Nearly 70 more impaired drivers have been caught by Vancouver police since their summer roadblock campaign started.A week after reporting 28 people failed roadside tests, Constable Lindsey Houghton says numbers have spiked significantly."This past Friday and Saturday night, in those two nights alone, we took 68 impaired drivers off the road … [Read more...]

Good grades for BC’s drinking water

You can drink a toast to BC's drinking water.     A new report by Provincial Health Officer Doctor Perry Kendall finds improvement in drinking water systems around the province between 2007 and 2009. Kendall says there were no community outbreaks of water-borne illness during that period, and one thousand more water systems … [Read more...]

Attorney General says even tougher drinking and driving laws in BC not out of the question

8/6/2011 BC's Attorney General says the door is open to even tougher drinking and driving rules down the road as he gets ready to look at the statistics. Barry Penner says in a few ... Vancouver News latest RSS headlines - Big News Network.com … [Read more...]