February 25, 2018

Home sales drop in B.C., but not enough

Housing prices may have dropped in Vancouver at the end 2012, but that still doesn't mean you can afford to own a home. Even though housing affordability improved, B.C. remains the most expensive province in the country for home ownership, according to a report from RBC Economics Research. It found a sharp drop in home re-sales last year, of nearly … [Read more...]

I-O-C decides to drop wrestling

"Can't believe IOC is cutting wrestling!  Huge blow to our sport all over the world". The Twitter reaction from Carol Huynh of New Hazelton, who won a gold medal for Canada in Beijing and a silver in London. Earlier today the I-O-C announced it was dropping wrestling from the 2020 games, but it was keeping modern pentathalon, a sport of five … [Read more...]

Seniors organization say Province’s generic drug cost drop a good move

The President of the Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC says the government's announcement prices of generic drugs will go down over the next couple of years will really help seniors. But Art Kube says brand-name drugs are the big drivers of drug costs across the country, with costs going up each year. He points out that in most cases, … [Read more...]

Latest poll shows slight gain for BC Liberals, drop for NDP

The latest Angus Reid poll finally shows a glimmer of hope for the BC Liberals, but they are still way back of the NDP. The Opposition still leads the Liberals, by 18 points now, but the gap has closed with new democrats dropping two points and the liberals gaining three. On approval ratings, NDP leader Adrian Dix is up two points at 48 per cent to … [Read more...]

IN-TENTA DROP eco-hotel: a green way to live post-apocalyptically

Futuristic eco-hotels are nothing new, but there's something unique about the one shown above: it's well on its way to being created. Crafted by the Barcelona-based IN-TENTA creative design group, the removable hotel room is scheduled to be manufactured by Urban Square. Reportedly, it'll be dropped into "natural locations," with the shell keeping … [Read more...]

Union hails drop in Transit crime

After years of pleading with operators to improve overall safety, union leaders are praising Metro Vancouver's new transit police chief for putting more officers where they can make a difference. Crimes against people, including assaults against bus drivers,  dropped a record 17% during the first half of the year. The VP of CAW local 111 Gavin … [Read more...]

Latest numbers suggest sockeye fishermen can soon drop nets

A month after dismal predictions for Fraser River sockeye salmon returns, there's hope commercial fishermen will be allowed to drop their nets this summer. The average return is about four million. In July, the Fraser River panel of the Pacific Salmon Commission estimated half that number could come back this season. Even though this is one of the … [Read more...]

Should BC drop trade limits on interprovincial wine shipments?

Should BC drop all trade limits on interprovincial wine shipments before other provinces do the same?That's what the owner of a Penticton winery wants, as a bill allowing wine imports from other provinces moves through parliament.John Skinner of Painted Rock winery says the province must side with the industry, and not liquor control … [Read more...]

CKNW analyst says markets set to drop with France election results

CKNW financial analyst Michael Levy says political developments in Europe Sunday will likely cause a severe downdraft in world stock markets come Monday. France has elected a socialist leader – who promises more stimulus and less austerity – while Greece says it wants to re-negotiate its multi-billion-dollar international … [Read more...]

Canucks lose in Game 5, drop out of the playoffs

The season is over for the Vancouver Canucks. The President's Trophy-winning team has gone down at the hands of the Los Angeles Kings – losing in overtime 2-1 – in Game Five of their first-round series. Jarret Stoll playing hero for the Kings. CKNW's Dave Pratt blames a lack of offense. "When you go take look at the fact that this team … [Read more...]