February 20, 2018

BC Court of Appeal ruling pleases Mom of daughter killed by drunk driver

The mother of a young woman killed by a drunk driver two years ago is pleased BC's highest court has upheld the sentence handed to an impaired driver... who took the life of someone else's child. "She just needs to serve her time. Stop all the trying to get out of jail free card type thing and just go serve your time." Markita Kaulius -- who lost … [Read more...]

BC’s drunk driving laws under the microscope

British Columbia's drinking and driving laws will once again be under the microscope starting tomorrow as the B.C. Court of Appeal begins hearing arguments on whether the laws are constitutional. The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is an intervener in the case. Raji Mangat with the BCCLA says the association will be arguing that the laws are … [Read more...]

Drunk driving review

About 35,000 people have been hit with roadside driving prohibitions since the Liberal government cracked down on drunk driving in 2011, but at least 1,100 of them will be getting some money back. Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Motor Vehicles Stephanie Melvin says the government will reimburse people who paid thousands for ignition interlock … [Read more...]

VPD officer nabs more than 500 drunk drivers

A Vancouver police officer, who's been commended for catching hundreds of impaired drivers, says it's a labour of love... because he's seen enough death and destruction to last a lifetime. Most police officers stop fewer than 20 drunk drivers a year, but over the past two years, constable Brant Arnold-Smith has pulled more than 500 off the … [Read more...]

VPD tallies drunk driver stats

Vancouver Police have tallied up how many suspected drunk drivers were caught during road checks between Friday night and New Year's eve. They pulled 68 people off the roads. Nearly half were stopped on December 28th and only 17 were caught on the final night of 2012. The VPD can't release any comparison numbers from last year because that's when … [Read more...]

Mother of woman killed by drunk driver urges people to get home safely this New Year’s Eve

A plea from a mother who lost a child to a drunk driver: If you drink this New Year's Eve, don't get behind the wheel. Markita Kaulius, mother of 22-year-old Kassandra Kaulius, who died in Surrey last year when drunk driver Natasha Warren plowed into her car, says New Year’s Eve revellers have options. "So please make the choice to call a cab … [Read more...]

Sentencing hearing underway in drunk driving case

A sentencing hearing is underway in Surrey for the drunk driver who caused the death of 22-year-old softball player Kassandra Kaulius. Family members and friends are wiping away tears as Crown counsel describes what happened on May 3, 2011. He says Natasha Warren left her house in a white van after drinking, and crashed into Kaulius' red BMW at 152 … [Read more...]

Vancouver police nab lots of drunk drivers in holiday DUI campaign

The numbers are in from the first weekend of the Vancouver police counter attack and they're not good. Last Friday and Saturday officers pulled 60 impared drivers off the road. Constable Brian Montague says that's up from 45 last year. Montague says also disturbing is among those they nabbed were 8 new driver sporting the novice 'N' sticker on … [Read more...]

Appeal of Berner drunk driving conviction dismissed

The BC Court of appeal has dismissed Carol Berner's appeal of her drunk driving conviction. While the three-member court of appeal panel did find some errors with the original trial judge, they concluded that Berner's appeal would be dismissed. Carol Berner, who was out on bail, has now had her bail revoked and is beginning to serve her prison … [Read more...]

Abbotsford drunk driving case you won’t believe

Abbotsford police dealt with a bizarre case of drunk driving yesterday.  Constable Ian Macdonald says just after the noon hour yesterday a man with two young boys in his car elected to have a nap in a left turn lane.  Macdonald says when concerned passer bys pulled the kids out the car.   "The father instead of you know questioning … [Read more...]