February 21, 2018

Education minister downplays carbon offset concerns in Vancouver

The Minister of Education is panning a Vancouver school district complaint over a funding disparity when it comes to carbon offsets. Don McRae says Vancouver needs to look at the big picture when it comes to money to help  schools become carbon neutral. "Well last year they recieved $ 860,000 in investment and put in less than half of that so … [Read more...]

The Education Community is mourning the death of a prominent Vancouver Early Learning expert

A UBC researcher and expert in early learning has passed away. Vancouver School Board Chair Patti Bacchus says Dr. Clyde Hertzman was a leader in research and education regarding the impacts of poverty on early learning -- and on early childhood education in general. She says Hertzman was well-known to everyone in the educational community. "And I … [Read more...]

Premier says no confusion over Education Plan

  The Premier does not think her government's Education Plan conflicts with another agreement signed between the Teachers Union and the Employer. Premier Christy Clark says her plan to reach a 10-year deal with teachers is a framework for the future. Clark denies it would be moot if the Teachers Union and the Employers group reach a new … [Read more...]

High marks for BC education system

High marks for BC's education system in an international ranking out today. A survey of 45 jurisdictions puts BC's grade four students in seventh place in terms of literacy. Education Minister Don McRae credits both teachers, and his own government. "First of all I think we have phenomenal teachers with a great teaching education program, second of … [Read more...]

Advanced Education Minister saying little about job action

As faculty and unionized staff strike at Vancouver Community College and BCIT,  the minister responsible is saying little. Advanced Education Minister John Yap calls the job action just another part of the bargaining process. But when asked if the government will consider recent deals reached with university staff as a pattern for colleges, … [Read more...]

Advanced Education minister responding to criticism over apprenticeship programs

BC's minister of advanced education is hitting back at NDP criticism of the Liberal Government's handling of the province's apprenticeship programs. Following accusations from NDP Finance Critic Bruce Ralston that the Liberals are only investing in apprenticeship programs because of May's election, John Yap says that couldn't be further from the … [Read more...]

Teachers union and Education minister at odds over state of bargaining

A month after Premier Christy Clark said she wants to try and come to terms on a new ten year deal with BC's teachers there are conflicting reports on what progress, if any, is being made.  When asked if the province has made any effort to get bargaining talks going, BCTF president Susan Lambert said "No, we have been asked to...we were … [Read more...]

Adrian Dix withholding judgement over BCTF drive to hike taxes for education

The leader of the NDP is withholding judgement on the BC Teachers Federation seeking a jump in taxes to pay for education improvements. Adrian Dix was asked where he sits when it comes to hiking taxes to pay for hiring teachers  "The education system today is funded with tax money everyone understands that is the case under the current … [Read more...]

Education Minister to decide soon on replacing fired school board

BC's new Education minister will soon determine if a fired board of education will be replaced using by-elections or not. The now former trustees of the Cowichan Valley school board want early elections so a new board of education can be put in place. Don McRae was asked if he supports holding by-elections. "Well I have meeting actually set up Mike … [Read more...]

BCTF to release brief arguing for more education funding

The BC Teachers Federation says this province lags behind many others in Canada when it comes to funding, and the teachers plan to reveal a brief Monday. BCTF President Susan Lambert is set to make a case to bring BC's level of education funding up to the national average. According to a press release issued by the BCTF on Sunday, as a percentage … [Read more...]