February 18, 2018

Making Sure Your ‘Night Out’ Is Enjoyable, Cost Effective & Fun

Pexels Most of us have all enjoyed a night out with our friends, where one too many beers are consumed and risky spending choices are made. Being inebriated or simply drunk from the pleasure of good company means that you’re likely to spend money on things that might not be worthwhile, such as a large takeaway feast with little nutritional value, … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Up Your Home Entertainment Game

Part of what makes a home great is how much fun we can have in it! Movie night with a loved one, games night with the kids or a dinner party with a friend. There’s a lot to gain from a home - so let’s see how you can boost your home entertainment game. Put It All Into Movies Movie nights are incredible, but being cramped around a 22-inch TV … [Read more...]

Microsoft talks plans for premium content production, details Xbox 360’s transition to an ‘entertainment console’

Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, just sat down alongside Nancy Tellem, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft LA Studios, to kick off this year's rendition of D:Dive Into Media here in Dana Point, Calif. The first session of the evening is being piloted by AllThingsD's Peter Kafka, and naturally, … [Read more...]

Surrey City Council votes down casino and entertainment complex proposal

Surrey City Council has decided to reject the controversial casino and entertainment complex. By a vote of 5 to 4, with Surrey Mayor Diane Watts holding the deciding vote, Surrey said no thanks to the casino project. Terry McNiece who led the group opposing the casino plan was asked if it was a David beats Goliath moment. "Not really.  I mean … [Read more...]

Adult entertainment industry plans to recruit at high school job fairs

A Vancouver school trustee says he's surprised to learn Canada's Adult Entertainment Association is planning to recruit new 'talent' at high school job fairs. NPA trustee Ken Denike suspects the association will face an uphill battle gaining access to Vancouver schools. "I'm just saying there is a community sensitivity that schools need to take … [Read more...]

Lionsgate Acquires Summit Entertainment

It's official, Lionsgate has acquired Summit Entertainment. Lionsgate closed its leveraged buyout of Summit in a deal for $ 412.5 million in cash and stock and the assumption of Summit’s $ 500 million debt reports Reuters. This brings together two of Hollywood's biggest mini-majors into an entity which will now control the "Twilight" franchise, … [Read more...]

UBC Digital Media for Entertainment Seminar Series

The role of digital media and technology is having a significant impact on how we create, produce and distribute entertainment. Join expert presenters who provide an overview of the digital media industry and convergence of film and TV. Topics include digital content development for online delivery, social media for entertainment and revenue models … [Read more...]