February 21, 2018

Dix nixes HST ever returning under an NDP goverment

The leader of the BC NDP says even down the line he wouldn't consider reintroducing the HST. With the scrapping of the HST today Adrian Dix took his chance to remind voters about the circumstances of its implementation. "Certainly from the beginning... from the election campaign, onto the Premier Clark's tax-payer funded campaign in favour of the … [Read more...]

“In bargaining and politics nothing is ever really dead.”

That from the BC Nurses Union when asked if any talks will continue to get a contract extension. Talks broke down last weekend after Premier Christy Clark went public with a desire to get nurses signed to a ten year deal. BCNU President Deb McPherson says she wants four years, not ten, "A ten year deal has not been on my mind; I know government … [Read more...]

NVIDIA GTX Titan review roundup: the fastest single-GPU card ever tested

Looking to cut to the chase? Those yearning for the fastest single-GPU powered graphics card ever tested need look no further... for the moment, anyway. NVIDIA's beastly GTX Titan has been making the rounds on test benches across the world, and while demo titles and stress factors varied somewhat, the overall conclusion seems pretty unanimous. The … [Read more...]

“Skyfall” Becomes Biggest UK Film Ever

Those Brits love their James Bond. "Skyfall" has moved ahead of "Avatar" to become the biggest-selling movie in the history of British cinema. The latest Daniel Craig entry has pulled in £94.2 million in a little over a month of release. "Avatar" previously held the record with £94 million, but it had the advantage of a 3D surcharge and had to … [Read more...]

Ona Brixton Leather review: the sexiest laptop / camera messenger bag you’ve ever seen

We wouldn't quite call it an annual tradition just yet, but this winter does mark the third in a row where Ona has released a scrumptious new laptop / camera bag just before the all-important holiday season. Following the original Union Street messenger and the Camps Bay backpack is the Brixton Leather -- a leather-clad iteration of the company's … [Read more...]

“Vertigo” The Greatest Movie Ever Made?

Once every decade, Sight & Sound magazine conducts a poll for the British Film Institute asking critics, programmers, academics, distributors, writers and more to submit a Top 10 list of the "greatest" films of all time says THR. 846 professionals participated in this year's poll which asked participants "to interpret 'greatest' in any way … [Read more...]

“Avengers” Is Biggest Opening Weekend Ever

Sunday 3AM: It broke many opening weekend records in its international release, now "Marvel's The Avengers" is about to do the same in the United States. Deadline reports that the film scored a whopping $ 80.5 million on Friday (including $ 18.7M in midnight previews), while it's looking like it'll nab an incredible $ 68+ million haul this … [Read more...]

North Shore search and rescue busier than ever

North Shore search and rescue volunteers say the past couple of weeks have been among the busiest in recent memory. Team leader Tim Jones says most calls are familiar situations: inexperienced people caught up in the back country. "I’ll be very, very frank with it: The "lady luck" just ran out for some of these people. It doesn't surprise me … [Read more...]

Quantum speed limits within reach, present moves ever closer to future

Got your wire-rimmed spectacles on? Had a full night's rest? Eager to get those synapses firing? Here's hoping, because Marc Cheneau and co. are doing everything they can to stretch the sheer meaning of quantum understanding. The aforesaid scientists recently published an article that details a method for measuring quantum particle interaction in a … [Read more...]

“Avatar” Is The Most Pirated Movie Ever

"Avatar" is not only the biggest selling movie of all time, it's also the most pirated film in Hollywood history according to TorrentFreak (via THR Esq.). A list of the "most pirated movies" of all time on the site show that the most pirated films are not just the most geek friendly but amongst the biggest grossers too with only one, "Kick Ass", … [Read more...]