February 21, 2018

BC Teachers’ Federation president is stepping down.

After 40 years in the classroom and three as the BC Teachers' Federation president, Susan Lambert says she'll bow out at the end of the school year. "Three years is the longest that a president can stay in office. So this is the end of my three years and I'll be stepping down come the end of June." She says she has no plans so far after … [Read more...]

BC Teachers Federation set to unveil first proposals

The BC Teachers Federation and the BC Public School Employers' Association will likely be exchanging first proposals on Tuesday, after about one month of contract talks. Proposals were originally set to be exchanged on March 1st. BCTF president Susan Lambert says objective packages have been exchanged, "Which are the general goals or the general … [Read more...]

BC Federation of Labour conference starts Monday

The BC Federation of Labour will discuss how to make the province a better place for working people will at their bi-annual convention. President Jim Sinclair says many things need to be improved. "There's going to be a lot of discussion about how we build a better British Columbia for all working people.  And of course, how we elect the … [Read more...]

Labour federation leader has challenger

Someone wants Jim Sinclair’s job as the head of the BC Federation of Labour.   Michelle Laurie is an electrician and president of Local 258 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. She says it's time to renew the federation. Laurie says she wants to change how the public perceives organized labour, and give it a more … [Read more...]

Taxpayers Federation wants Transit Police included in Translink audit

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation wants BC's Transit Police to be included in an upcoming audit. Director Jordan Bateman says the officers have made several what he calls 'head-scratching' spending decisions, such as high overtime. And he says the only way to have them included in Translink's looming audit is to lobby the government to have its … [Read more...]

BC Federation of Labour President slams ruling that bans mounties from forming a union

The head of the BC Federation of Labour is calling a ruling from Ontario's top court "a terrible decision." That ruling bans RCMP officers from forming a union. Jim Sinclair points to the fact that other police forces across the country -- are unionized. "You can work out essential services, other police forces aren't allowed to strike, that's not … [Read more...]

Canadian Taxpayers Federation welcomes “long overdue” return to the PST

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the return to the PST has its pros and cons.   BC Director Jordan Bateman says one thing is for sure reverting to the PST won't be a net benefit to the BC economy.   He said "I don't foresee any kind of economic gain out of this of course there will be certain sectors that might do a little better, … [Read more...]

The BC Teachers Federation is blasting the idea of a legislated end to contract dispute.

The BC Teachers Federation is blasting the government as they prepare legislation to end the contract dispute.   BCTF President Susan Lambert calls the governments move towards legislation a bullying tactic, adding she can only conclude the government never intended to bargain with teachers.  Lambert says they want the BC Public Schools … [Read more...]

BC Teachers Federation reacts to the BC College of Teachers changes.

  The BC Teachers Federation is calling the whole sale make over of the BC Teacher College "regrettable" and "unnecessary."   BCTF President Susan Lambert says the move will diminish the voice of of BC teachers.  When asked about accusations the federation was interfering with the college's ability to discipline teachers Lambert said … [Read more...]

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation wants to the BC Government to hold the fiscal line.

As the BC Government looks for feedback on its budget the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is urging cuts and not more spending.  BC spokesperson Jordan Bateman says the government must hold the line on its net zero wage mandate for the public sector.  He says now is not the time for reckless spending with the government just 1.1% away from … [Read more...]