February 19, 2018

Is Your Financial History Weighing You Down?

Is Your Financial History Weighing You Down? Baggage If you’ve suffered from an unfortunate financial history, you might find that even if you’ve fixed your money problems, it still haunts you today. It can be the worst problem to deal with if you’re trying to move on in life, as it can affect so many things that you try to do. Firstly, if … [Read more...]

What Impacts Your Credit Score?

Image source - https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8449/28789994703_488d60d2c5_b.jpg Keeping up to date with your credit score is of paramount importance. Your credit rating will impact many different things in your life, including your ability to get a mortgage and secure better deals on credit cards. Not only is it important to know what your credit … [Read more...]

BCTF object to Federal bill forcing unions to disclose spending and finances

The BC Teachers' Federation is voicing their objection to legislation passed by the Federal Government Wednesday forcing unions to make spending and finances public. President Susan Lambert calls Bill C-377 an unwarranted intrusion into the privacy of BCTF members. "BCTF runs its own salary indemnity plan for members who find themselves unable to … [Read more...]

Committee in charge of legislature’s finances to meet this week post-audit

After last week’s damning report from Auditor General John Doyle into the B.C. legislature's finances, an all-party committee will have a rare meeting to deal with the issue. Legislative assembly management committee chair Bill Barisoff says he hopes Tuesday’s meeting will see quick action. "Most definitely, we will institute change … [Read more...]