February 19, 2018

Fire Chief wants restrictions on fireworks

Saying current rules are too difficult to enforce, Vancouver's  fire chief has asked city council to ban the use of fireworks on private property. Chief John McKearney says he would like to see use restricted to only five days a year including New Year's Eve and Halloween. He says significant improvements have been made since 2007 when 41 … [Read more...]

Last night for fireworks

It's the finale of the Celebration of Light tonight -- featuring Italy. Translink spokesman Drew Snider says the transit situation on fireworks nights has been working well. "We have our crowd management systems in place and that's helped keep things flowing as smoothly as they can when you got thousands and thousands of people coming in to … [Read more...]

Fireworks provide the flavour of Rio

It was a dancer's delight with Brazil's performance at the Celebration of Light.  The sights and sounds of what must be Carnavale filled the skies over English Bay.  The fireworks shimmered gold and green with energetic blasts, while the music got heads nodding and feet tapping with drums, horns and samba percussion. "Great show.""It was … [Read more...]

West End residents hope for clean, calm fireworks night

It's day two of the "Celebration of Light." And with hundreds of thousands of people expected to pack the beachs and streets around English Bay, we get a familiar request from nearby neighbours. From urination, to defecation, to even fornication: West End residents have seen it all on fireworks nights. Randy Helton with "West End Neighbours" is … [Read more...]

Officials urge fireworks spectators to take transit, leave alcohol at home

If you're heading to the fireworks, take transit. Translink spokesperson Drew Snider says the system is always busy and extra service is being added. "Skytrain is going to be running rush-hour service levels right through, starting in mid-afternoon and also keeping up to their regular closing time, because we expect that people will generally have … [Read more...]

Fireworks spark in legislature over Boss Power court settlement

Did the B.C. government blow $ 22 million to settle an embarassing court case? That's what the NDP was asking in question period Tueday.   A deal on the courthouse steps saw the government pay Boss Power $ 30 million after it banned uranium mining, but a newly released court document puts the value of the claim at only $ 8 million. … [Read more...]

Fireworks at Vancouver School Board

NPA Trustees Ken Denike and Sophia Woo faced more questions from the crowd, this after being censured by the board itself. It stems from an online video showing the pair speaking to an activist group, warning that Vision Vancouver was going to change the curriculum to include mandatory learning about gay and lesbian issues. At the meeting, Denike … [Read more...]

China’s lights outshine at fireworks festival

The Burrard Street Bridge is seen in the foreground as fireworks from team China blast over the waters of English Bay during the Celebration of Light on Saturday, July ... Vancouver News latest RSS headlines - Big News Network.com … [Read more...]

08/03/2011 – Celebration of Lights Fireworks Show 2011

Saturday July 30th 10:00 - 10:25PM Celebration of Light Fireworks Show China:  'China Storm' Wednesday August 3rd 10:00 - 10:25PM Celebration of Light Fireworks Show Spain:  'Odyssey' Saturday August 6th 10:00 - 10:25PM Celebration of Light Fireworks Show Canada:  'Then and Now' Custom Feed - Vancouver Events Calendar … [Read more...]

Vancouver sky explodes with China fireworks 'Storm'

B.C. is awash in festivals this weekend, large and small, including Saturday's massive fireworks display and Sunday's Gay Pride Parade. Send us your festival photos to ... Vancouver News latest RSS headlines - Big News Network.com … [Read more...]