February 18, 2018

Minister of Citizen Services says communications staff under the microscope following ethnic voting strategy leak

The Minister of Citizens' Services and Open Government is condemning the quick wins ethnic voting strategy his own government cooked up. Government Communications falls in Ben Stewart's ministerial responsibilities and he says the strategy is absolutely inappropriate. Stewart was asked if he will take a hard look at the communications staff and if … [Read more...]

23-year-old Surrey man in custody following multiple stabbings in Vancouver.

One man is in custody after three stabbings in Downtown Vancouver late Friday night. The first incident happened at 11:00 on Keefer Street at Taylor. A man was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries after police found him suffering from stab wounds to the abdomen. Police located the twenty-three-year-old suspect from Surrey outside the … [Read more...]

Jury makes six recommendations following Ashley Guiboche inquest

Six recommendations have been made following a Coroner's inquest into the death of 18 year old Ashley Guiboche. They include suggestions the City of Surrey, ICBC and Translink reduce jaywalking along King George Boulevard between 98th Avenue and 100th Avenue by building an overhead walkway to the nearby Skytrain station. The jury also … [Read more...]

Many in BC confused over what tsunami zones they live in following 7.5 magnitude Alaska quake

During a tsunami advisory or warning, like those issued early Saturday morning, we in BC hear about various zones.  But many were confused about what zone they actually live in. "Those zones are based on the provincial, or the Emergency Management BC notification areas, so they're really zones designed that they can inform the emergency … [Read more...]

Burnaby RCMP ask for witnesses following suspected targeted shooting

Nobody was hurt in what Burnaby RCMP believe was a targeted shooting Friday night at 11:15 in the area of Maywood Avenue and Telford Street. Police believe a man shot from one vehicle at another, but didn't hit his intended targets, before fleeing on foot. "The perpetrators of this were also in a vehicle at the time,” said inspector Davis … [Read more...]

Man found dead following disturbance in New Westminster

New Westminster police confirm a man is dead following some sort of disturbance in a basement suite this morning. They were called out to a home on Colby street at 6:17am. Locals reported some noises and told police they heard four to five "pops"....possible gunfire. Police arrived to find a dead man inside the house. They are not yet confirming … [Read more...]

City of Vancouver credit status lowered by Moody’s following Provincial downgrade

The City of Vancouver says they will continue to borrow money as needed for capital projects, despite a downgrading in their credit rating. Moody's lowered Vancouver from Triple "A" Stable status, to Triple "A" Negative, a day after knocking down the provincial rating. Councillor Raymond Louie calls the city a victim of provincial activity. "The … [Read more...]

Surrey Memorial Hospital ER reopens following flood, without MRI machine

After two weeks of repairs and clean up after a flood, Surrey Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room will re-open at 8:30 Monday morning. Fraser Health Authority spokesperson Roy Thorpe Dorward says clean up and infection control inspections have been completed. But Thorpe Dorward says while most everything will be back to normal the MRI machine … [Read more...]

Surgeries re-booked following hospital flood

An urgent care centre is up and running at Surrey Memorial Hospital, and re-booking surgery's cancelled by Monday's flood is underway. BC's Health Minister says all the hospital's operating rooms are in back in operation,  after 108 surgeries were cancelled because of the damage. Speaking on the Bill Good show, Margaret MacDiarmid says the … [Read more...]

Additional cameras may be installed on skytrain line following bomb scare

Transit Police still don't have a suspect in relation to Friday's bomb scare. Spokesperson Anne Drennan says her force has received tips but there is yet to be a break in the investigation. She says going forward, signs could be placed to warn riders to watch out for suspicious items. Installing additional cameras is also on the table. Despite the … [Read more...]