February 17, 2018

Premier says further action possible on ethnic outreach scandal

Premier Christy Clark says she expects to take further action to deal with the fallout from the ethnic voter outreach strategy and she is not ruling out her own resignation. This after the resignation of Advanced Education and Multiculturalism minister John Yap today. Yap wasn't even the minister when the ethnic outreach plan was written but still … [Read more...]

Culture minister still has nothing for B.C. film industry, despite further talks

After having more “productive” meetings with film industry stakeholders, B.C.'s culture minister admits he still can't give them what they want.  "I believe that we're missing out on some of those benefits that go to the Crown, and that's what I’m trying to help the industry figure out." Speaking on CKNW’s The World … [Read more...]

Cancer society wants further restrictions on smoking

The BC government is being urged to support further restrictions on outdoor smoking. The request comes from the Canadian Cancer Society. The society's Kathryn Seely says BC needs to follow the lead of four other provinces and designate outdoor patios of bars and restaurants as well as beaches, parks and playgrounds smoke-free. She adds 30 BC … [Read more...]

Google removes Nexus Q from landing page, further distances itself from a curious launch

Google had already yanked the "In Stock" status from its Nexus Q as we awaited a re-envisioning of its purpose, but today's Nexus launch is making it ever clearer that we may never hear from the bizarre orb again. Launched in July with an almost unbelievably small set of features, it took but a few weeks for Google to postpone the proper launch … [Read more...]

Teachers Phase Two further down the road

There is still little momentum to report from the bargaining table between BC teachers and the government as talks continue. Teachers Federation President Susan Lambert says talks are progressing slowly but hopes to have the arbitration ruling by weeks-end.   With teachers refusing to do administrative work as Phase One of job action, Lambert … [Read more...]