January 23, 2018

The Internet 2.0: Incredible Predictions For 2050 That Are Likely To Come True

The Internet is exciting, don't you think? It's something that has changed all our lives for the better. Plus, it's given a welcome boost to scores of industries, creating new jobs in the process. It can get used for work, entertainment, and even security surveillance! Some of you might think the Internet has reached its technological peak. Here's … [Read more...]

New Year’s celebration could be in Vancouver’s future

Vancouver City Council has voted to forge ahead on an official New Years Eve event to be held in the downtown core.  NPA Councillor George Affleck tabled the motion to try and hold a world class new year's event in Vancouver.  "I am hopeful that as was mentioned by a couple councillors the wheels are already in motion behind the scenes so … [Read more...]

PowerbyProxi debuts wireless charging solution, aims to fully integrate it into future smartphones (video)

The pathway to innovation is paved with failed attempts to produce wireless charging solutions that a) actually work and b) people genuinely want to use, but we've got yet another upstart here at Mobile World Congress willing to give it a go. PowerbyProxi's solution looks pretty similar to renditions we've seen from Fulton Innovation, but it's … [Read more...]

Kasdan, Kinberg Talk “Star Wars” Future

While all the talk about the potential "Star Wars" spin-offs have been about what old characters could come back, those tasked with actually writing them seem more intent on moving forward. Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan tells The LA Times: "I’m trying to start fresh. There are certain pleasures that we think the saga can bring to people that … [Read more...]

01/30/2013 – Free seminar – ‘Bio-Energy Healing: Therapy of the Future!’

Are you suffering from pain, low energy and a looming feeling of being stuck in your life?Would you like to have vibrant energy, great health and the ability to heal yourself naturally?Michael D'Alton (as seen on the Oprah network) presents:'Bio-Energy Healing: Therapy of the Future'Learn the 3 Most Important Bio-Energy principles that can … [Read more...]

Economic Reset: Manufacturing our Future

A Manufacturing Action Plan for Canada Driving Investment, Creating Jobs, Growing Exports Canada’s manufacturing industry faces unprecedented challenges not only from the bottom-line pressures of a strong Canadian dollar and high business costs, but from the longer term impacts of globalization, demographic changes and rapid technological … [Read more...]

Report on future of Vancouver viaducts will go before council early this year

City of Vancouver staff will present a report to council within the next two months which will make recommendations for what do with the viaducts. Councilor Geoff Meggs says while the idea of removing the old structures initially shocked some, attitudes are changing. "Right now the viaducts are only east-west connections. The new proposal would … [Read more...]

Decision on future of Patullo Bridge could be made by the summer

It's been a question for years: what to do about the aging Patullo Bridge? In a few months, there may be an answer. Sany Zein with Translink says they’re hoping to work towards a short list of options this winter and spring, and to reach consensus on a solution sometime around next summer. "This is a very public and transparent process, when … [Read more...]

Berry, Marsden Up For “Days of Future Past”?

Three of the old cast are returning, so why not more? A report has emerged over at THR suggesting that Halle Berry (Storm) and James Marsden (Cyclops) along with other cast members are being sought to return to the "X-Men" franchise in Bryan Singer's 'First Class' sequel "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman … [Read more...]

Taking Translink into the future

Translink is embracing new technologies and has unlocked the doors to their real time data for developers to use as they like.  Spokesperson Drew Snider says software developers can use the data to create all sorts of apps for mobile devices.  Snider says Translink doesn't honestly know what kind of apps might be created using the data, … [Read more...]