December 16, 2017

“Game of Thrones” Already Renewed?

British acting legend Charles Dance is best known to fans of HBO's "Game of Thrones" as Tywin Lannister, the head of House Lannister and father to three of the major characters in the saga (Cersei, Tyrion, Jaime). At a recent press conference for the second season Blu-ray release, Den of Geek got a comment from Dance suggesting that the show has … [Read more...]

“Game of Thrones” S3 Footage Finally Debuts

Five weeks out and HBO has finally debuted the first footage from the upcoming third season of its big-budget fantasy series "Game of Thrones". Check out the one-minute trailer below: Dark Horizons - News … [Read more...]

“Game of Thrones” S2 Cut Scenes

With the release of the second season of "Game of Thrones" on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD this week, four deleted scenes included on the disc set have made their way online. Each of the scenes deal with various supporting characters. The first, involving the death of a handmaiden, is an understandable exclusion. The next involves an exchange between … [Read more...]

Local tennis star steps away from the game

A Local tennis star is stepping away from the sport because she says to stay would be sacrificing too much of her life. At just 22 years-old, Vancouver's Rebecca Marino  was recently ranked as 38th in the world.  But she says now is the time to step away from tennis and explore other possibilities. Marino says while nasty comments on … [Read more...]

It is a numbers game ahead of next weeks provincial budget

There's a lot of head-counting going on at the legislature these days with the Liberal majority down to just five, and a couple of MLA's absent this week. Premier Christy Clark's apparent effort to woo independent MLA John Slater to support his former colleagues points to a possible problem for the Liberals, mustering enough votes to stay in … [Read more...]

Cumberbatch In Talks For “Imitation Game”

Benedict Cumberbatch ("Sherlock," "Star Trek Into Darkness") is reportedly in talks to play English mathematician Alan Turing in the long-awaited "The Imitation Game" at Black Bear Pictures. Graham Moore penned the much-heralded screenplay which is a biopic of Alan Turing, an English mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, computer scientist, … [Read more...]

“Game of Thrones” S3 Character Gallery

HBO has unveiled twenty-three new stills from the upcoming third season of "Games of Thrones" which premieres March 31st. Check them all out below - the shots start with the the regular returning characters, followed by shots of the new cast members: NEW CHARACTERS: Ciaran Hinds as Mance Rayder Dianna Rigg as … [Read more...]

2013 Video Game Release Schedule

With the release of "DMC: Devil May Cry" today, the year in video gaming has begun. While the first few months of the year are usually pretty quiet, this year is different thanks to numerous major titles from late 2012 having been pushed into early 2013. The result is major titles hitting practically every week between now and early May. Check … [Read more...]

“Game of Thrones” Eps Run Longer

Each of the ten episodes of the upcoming third season of HBO's "Game of Thrones" will run a few minutes longer than episodes in the first two seasons. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are adapting the first half of George R.R. Martin’s massive third novel "A Storm of Swords" in his "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. This is not only a … [Read more...]

HBO Options “Game Change” Sequel

HBO has optioned the rights to "Double Down: Game Change 2012", the follow-up effort to "Game Change" from authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. This new book will deal with this year's presidential election which saw President Barack Obama defeat GOP challenger Mitt Romney. HBO aired the Jay Roach-directed "Game Change" adaptation earlier … [Read more...]