January 23, 2018

Auditor General says spending problems persist for government

BC's Auditor-General says progress has been made since he first rapped the legislative assembly over "substantial irregularities", but problems persist and more must be done. John Doyle also zeroes in on an expensive lease and renovations to the constituency office of Liberal MLA Eric Foster. He says public money was used to pay not only the … [Read more...]

BC’s Auditor General done in May

BC's Auditor-General will be leaving sooner rather than later. John Doyle is taking a job in Australia, but had argued his current term in BC should expire in October, six years after he began the job. But Speaker of the Legislature, Bill Barisoff,  says Doyle will be done in May. "I can inform the house that the Auditor-General of British … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Auditor General speaks about leaving BC for new job

Saying he didn't want to leave BC, Auditor General John Doyle admits recent events convinced him to take a job offer in his native Australia.  He says the offer of a two-year extension from Premier Christy Clark was insulting. "I made it clear to the chair of the committee that I wouldn't accept anything other than a six-year extension. If for … [Read more...]

BC Auditor General may land same job back home

It seems BC's Auditor-General might have another job lined up if he decides not to accept a contract extension in this province. The provincial government is still waiting for John Doyle to decide whether to accept a two year reappointment when his current six year term ends in October, and Doyle has said he's in no hurry to give an answer. In the … [Read more...]

UPDATES: Auditor General loses bid for more BC Rail documents

BC's Chief BC Supreme Court judge has blocked the latest attempt to explain why the legal fees of two convicted criminals, linked to the BC Rail scandal, were paid by the province. Auditor General John Doyle has been seeking access to documents currently covered by lawyer-client privilege. They involve taxpayers spending six million dollars to end … [Read more...]

Auditor General gets to stay on

It looks like BC'S Auditor-General may get to keep his job for another two years. That is, if he wants it.  After much debate and controversy, an all-party committee of the legislature has changed its mind and voted unanimously to offer John Doyle another two years on the job once his current six year term expires in the spring. No reasons are … [Read more...]

Developing: Premier hopes Auditor General will stay on

Premier Christy Clark says the process of selecting an Auditor General must be changed. But it's not clear if that means the current auditor will keep his job. In her first news conference of the year, Clark says the current process of choosing the Auditor-General is profoundly flawed. That process sees an all-party committee appoint an auditor for … [Read more...]

BC NDP Tourism Critic wants Auditor General to investigate BC Place renovation costs

The BC NDP Tourism Critic is taking his fight to find out the actual costs of BC Place renovations to the Province's Auditor General. Spencer Chandra-Herbert has written a letter to John Doyle, filing an official complaint to have him investigate. Chandra-Herbert says it's not just about the original estimate coming in more than five times over … [Read more...]

BC Attorney General: high risk offender under extraordinary measures

Attorney-General Shirley Bond says authorities are taking extraordinary measures to keep an eye on a high-risk violent offender recently released from jail. Bond says privacy law limits what she can say about the case of 23-year-old Kayla Bourque, but the government is taking this case seriously.     "I can tell you that I have … [Read more...]

BC Conservatives and Greens also question Auditor General not being reappointed

The leaders of both the BC Conservative Party and the BC Green Party are also speaking out against the decision to not reappoint Auditor General John Doyle. BC Green Party Leader Jane Sterk says the government should have deferred the matter entirely until after the May election. "We actually think that appointments like that should be made by an … [Read more...]