January 20, 2018

Premier getting out to meet the people

The Liberals says the Premier isn't dodging the media she is just engaged in the meet and greet part of an election campaign.  Deputy Campaign Chair, and outgoing MLA, Colin Hansen says it is a balancing act but the media can't be there everytime the Premier meets people on the street.  Hansen even added an interesting garauntee. "I think … [Read more...]

George Affleck says Vision Vancouver is getting its wires crossed

An NPA city councillor says the mayor of Vancouver is using his civic party as a lobby group in the case of securing rapid transit for the Broadway corridor. On Sunday people had a chance to hear the mayor's ideas for transit on the Broadway corridor and to air there own opinions. But it wasn't a city public hearing, it was a Vision Vancouver … [Read more...]

Party bus industry getting plenty of scrutiny

A woman whose sister died after being on a party bus is welcoming the attention the issue is getting even though something should have been done much earlier.  Danielle Raymond says it is almost an unspoken rule in the party bus industry that they cater to teens not legally able to drink.  Raymond says the current laws, which are crystal … [Read more...]

BC liquor laws getting a makeover

Changes are coming to BC's archaic liqour laws just months before the next provincial election.  Minister responsible Rich Coleman unveiled the first change today but promised more will be coming soon. "Stay tuned within the next number of days actually you might see some things there is a couple little I's and T's have got dotted and all of … [Read more...]

Is ICBC involvement getting transit tickets paid?

New laws aimed at forcing transit fare dodgers to pay their fines have been in effect in BC for nearly six months now.   But it appears they have yet to bring in any of that money.  Among other penalties, ICBC can now refuse to renew your insurance or driver's licence until you pay up.   So far, spokesman Adam Grossman … [Read more...]

Getting closer to Translink funding…really?

The Translink Mayor's Council is getting close to narrowing down transit funding options. Langley City Mayor and Vice-Chair of the Mayor's Council, Peter Fassbender, says there are a variety of  funding options on the table for discussion, "We're looking at things like some form of traffic demand management, congestion pricing, time of … [Read more...]

BC Place Stadium bill getting a once over

The pricey tab to renovate BC Place Stadium is about to get a going over by BC's Auditor General.   NDP Tourism Critic Spencer Chandra-Herbert says he has recieved a letter from Auditor General John Doyle after asking his office to launch an audit into BC Place costs. "They are going to do a fact finding exercise look at the budgets, … [Read more...]

“Wreck-It Ralph” Getting A Sequel?

It's hard to argue with the success of Disney's "Wreck-It Ralph". Not only has it scored some of the best reviews of the year for an animated film, but it has taken in $ 200 million worldwide box-office thus far and still hasn't opened in a LOT of international territories just yet. Now, the film's voice actor John C. Reilly tells Moviehole that … [Read more...]

Great: getting to keep your, “Home sweet home”

The remaining residents at Vancouver's Little Mountain site have been granted a reprieve. The Province, City, and site developer have signed an agreement that will allow up to 50 social housing units to built immediately prior to any rezoning. Councillor Kerry Jang says remaining tenants will be able to stay on-site, "How we're actually … [Read more...]

Vancouver getting 4 new cold-weather shelters

The Province and City of Vancouver have announced a deal to open four new temporary winter shelters. These shelters will provide 160 spaces for the homeless between the end of November and next May, and the "Raincity Housing and Support Society" will run them. The Provincial Government is contributing 1.6 million dollars while the City is providing … [Read more...]