February 25, 2018

BC government is going to move Vancouver’s main liqour distribution warehouse

No jobs will be lost, but the B.C. government is re-locating the province's main liquor distribution branch warehouse. The facility currently on Vancouver's East Broadway will be moved to a new site within the next two years. The minister responsible, Rich Coleman, says it's replacement is expected to be more efficient and a request for proposals … [Read more...]

Picket line going up around BC Place Monday morning

Unionized workers at BC Place will be going on strike Monday morning. BC Government and Service Employees Union Spokesperson Karen Tankard says the workers have been without a contract since May, and are taking action after talks didn't go anywhere last week. "The main sticking point is job security. There is work that goes on in BC Place that is … [Read more...]

NDP candidate accuses Premier of going Bollywood while ignoring BC film and gaming sectors

The NDP candidate for Vancouver False Creek is giving the Premier a big thumbs down for shelling out millions of dollars to host the Times of India film awards. Gaming industry insider Matt Toner says there is no question the money could have been better spent elsewhere. "And we are kind of insourcing an awards ceremony as kind of a bandaid to … [Read more...]

Legendary band leader still going strong

One of Vancouver's super seniors is celebrating again. Most people Dal Richards' age retired 30 years ago, but as he marks his 95th birthday, the legendary band leader is still working full time! "We're going to be performing at the Panorama Roof of the Hotel Vancouver very soon, and I'm looking forward to that because the happiest 25 years of my … [Read more...]

Property taxes going up in Vancouver

Property taxes in Vancouver are going up. The Vision-supported budget will result in a 2.75 percent tax increase, two percent of which is property tax, the rest a utilities increase. Mayor Gregor Robertson says it's good for residents, and the city. "Keeping taxes low, I think just a two percent rate of inflation increase is very modest and … [Read more...]

Commando Santa Claus card not going over well with some

The Santa Claus card from Abbotsford police featuring the jolly old elf in SWAT gear and holding weapons is not going over well with some. Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman says he has recieved a complaint from someone who didn't like Saint Nicholas to be carting around a machine gun. Banman says Abbotsford police chief Bob Rich, who posed in the Santa … [Read more...]

Translink going all-out to ensure passenger safety

Translink's CEO says staff are making every possible effort to make sure transit riders are safe. This, after a bomb was discovered on the Skytrain tracks last week. Ian Jarvis says Translink will determine whether they need to change procedures, once the dust settles on the investigation. "Certainly, it's in the hands of transit police and police … [Read more...]

Carbon tax going over like a lead balloon in rural BC

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is noting the Carbon tax seems to be more unpopular the further away you get from Metro Vancouver. BC Director Jordan Bateman says the legislative committee charged with gathering input on next spring's budget seems to be getting an earful in rural BC.  "It is amazing you read the notes from people in Kelowna, … [Read more...]

Transit police aren’t going anywhere yet despite new fare gates

The role of Transit police once the new fare gates are in place on Metro Vancouver's transit system is still up for discussion.  Translink Chief Operating officer Doug Kelsey says Transit police aren't going away but what they do once the gates are open hasn't been decided. "I think we're going to have to monitor that over time. But, if you go … [Read more...]

Cost of BC Ferry service going up

Ferry travellers in BC will soon pay more for the service, and within three years, rates will rise as much as 12 per cent. The British Columbia Ferry Commission has approved a 4.1 per cent hike in April, another four per cent in 2014 and 3.9 per cent in 2015. The prices have been capped to factor in efficiency targets and service level … [Read more...]