June 27, 2017

What You Need To Know To Become A Golf Pro

Golf is a sport like no other. You don’t play as part of a team, and you rely less on controlling the ball and more on controlling its trajectory. You can’t guide it up the field and put it in the back of the net as you would in soccer; golf is a game of patience, concentration and careful planning. Your initial drive must be strong, clean and … [Read more...]

The Ins & Outs Of Holding A Golf Tournament

Love golf but not enough events in your local area? Why not plan one yourself? Of course, like with organizing any big event, planning a golf tournament will take a lot of time and effort. However, if you get it right and give your fellow golfers a fantastic event to play in, it’s more than worth the effort. Image link Make no mistake, planning … [Read more...]

Improving Your Golf Game Made Easy

Love golf, but have a terrible handicap? We’ve all been there. Whether you play with business associates or friends doesn’t matter. Sending each shot into the rough is an embarrassing nightmare. But with the tips below, you’ll soon be playing in a far more professional manner. Make no mistake, this guide won’t turn you into the next Rory McIlroy. … [Read more...]