February 20, 2018

Government updates L-N-G strategy

On a day when the unemployment figures do not look good for BC, the provincial government is pointing to it's liquid natural gas strategy. In a one year update on the plan, the government says there are five solid proposals to build L-N-G plants on the north coast by 2020, generating up to 75-thousand full time jobs. Energy Minister Rich Coleman … [Read more...]

UPDATES:Child and Youth rep hammers government over taser case

BC's Child and Youth representative has released a scathing report on the life of an 11-year old boy who was tasered by police in 2011. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafonde says the Ministry of Children and Family Development made serious errors that left the child subject to abuse and neglect, both in his birth home and subsequent residential placements. The … [Read more...]

Dix: NDP government would allow compensation for pre-1974 Woodlands residents

An NDP Government would allow all victims of abuse at New Westminster's Woodlands School to apply for compensation. That announced by party leader, Adrian Dix. "And I think it's time to stop using legal technicalities against the survivors of Woodlands School and to bring this matter to a close." Only victims who went to Woodlands after August 1, … [Read more...]

Mayor Robertson calling on government to clean up local waterways

Vancouver's Mayor is calling for provincial and federal help to clean up the Fraser River and the Pacific in order to improve access to local seafood.   Gregor Robertson says local food is not just what grows in the ground, in Vancouver's case it also comes from the sea.  Rrobertson says federal funding is needed to upgrade sewage … [Read more...]

Family of B.C. prisoner murdered by cellmate hopes for government change

The family of a man murdered by his cellmate at a medium-security prison in the Fraser Valley is losing hope serial killers will soon be barred from sharing sleeping quarters. "Now, it's up to the government to follow through." Lawyer Myer Rabin speaks for the mother of Jeremy Phillips. The 33-year old was murdered in 2010 at Agassiz’s … [Read more...]

Clark government spends 12 million dollars on “copycat” awards show

We could have hosted the real Bollywood Oscars *after* the provincial election. Instead, the Liberal government is spending 12 million dollars on a so-called "copycat" award show in Vancouver just six weeks before the May vote. And the timing may have been a key factor in the government's decision. The brand new Times of India Film awards take … [Read more...]

Government installing car charging stations

Environment Minister Terry Lake says more and more people are driving electric cars in BC, so the government is installing fast-charging stations around the province to help them out. The fast-chargers can give batteries an 80 per-cent charge after only 20 to 30 minutes, but unlike level two charging stations that take longer, the fast chargers … [Read more...]

Government to contact thousands victimized in breach of privacy

Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says her government will move to immediately contact an estimated 38 thousand people affected by a data breach. The government has uncovered three specific cases where personal health information was accessed for research purposes, without proper authorization. "The first breach was the health data of over … [Read more...]

Pickton family drops lawsuit against government

Almost four years after it was launched, the family of serial killer Robert Pickton has dropped a lawsuit filed against the federal and BC governments. In early 2009, Pickton's brother Dave and sister Linda Wright filed a claim indicating their farm in Port Coquitlam was damaged during the RCMP's search for the bodies of dozens of missing women. On … [Read more...]

Government suspends Mi Joo Tour operations

The BC government has suspended bus operations by Mi Joo Tour and Travel of Coquitlam  after one of its buses crashed in Oregon last month, killing nine people, and injuring dozens more. The Transportation Ministry says an audit of the BC company after the crash showed it was not meeting its obligations around driver hours of service and … [Read more...]