February 18, 2018

The dock at Kits Coast Guard base has a new home at a cost to taxpayers

The union representing Coast Guard members says in the rush to close Kits base the feds seem to have overlooked an oil spill response boat. Union of Canadian Transportation Employees Regional Vice President Dave Clark says there is a reason crews rushed to tear down the Kits base dock. "They have figured out the dock that is at the Sea Island base … [Read more...]

Coast Guard union claims bully politics at play in Ottawa

The Coast Guard union is accusing the federal government of rooting out, and getting rid of, any opposition to the closure of Kitsilano Coast Guard base.  Union leader Dave Clark says a memo from Coast Guard Commissioner Marc Gregoire shows what lengths the feds went to, to close Kits base. Clark says Western Region Assistant Commissioner … [Read more...]

Response to boat aground in English Bay takes Sea Island Coast Guard over half an hour

It took the Sea-Island coast guard thirty-one minutes to respond to a boat that had run aground in English Bay Saturday afternoon.  Crews left the base at 4:39pm, arriving on scene at 5:10. Coast Guard officials say if crews had been at the now closed Kitsilano Coast Guard Base, the response time would have been mere minutes. But officials say … [Read more...]

Premier says few options left to re-open Kits Coast Guard base

Premier Christy Clark held a teleconference in her riding of Vancouver Point Grey where she told constituents that the closing of the Kitsilano Coast Guard base is the biggest issue locally. Clark says she pressed federal Natural Resources minister Joe Oliver on the Monday over the sudden closing of Kits base. "And I said to him you know minister … [Read more...]

What will happen to the land Kits Coast Guard base sits on

The BC Federation of Labour has an internal federal government memo that seems to suggest the Kits Coast Guard base property might be for sale. Jim Sinclair says the memo suggests there is a major land deal in the works along the coast like from Jericho to Kits base but doesn't mention the base by name. "But they talk about DFO lands, very … [Read more...]

Federal Tories defend sudden Coast Guard base closure

The federal government continues to defend the closure of the Kitsilano Coast Guard base. At an announcement in North Vancouver, Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose insists safety will not be affected by the base closing – which happened without warning on Tuesday. Ambrose says the decision to drop $ 6-million in Newfoundland the next day was … [Read more...]

Vancouver Mayor reacts to Kits Coast Guard base closure

Vancouver's Mayor says the sudden closure of the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base has left the city's harbour vulnerable. Gregor Robertson says he was shocked and disappointed with Ottawa's decision. He says now he has huge concerns for life and safety risks, adding "We have Police and Fire boats that are now basically the default here, don't have the … [Read more...]

Coast Guard Station Closes

Surprising news as the Canadian Coast Guard is closing the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station effective immediately. Deputy Coast Guard Commissioner Jody Thomas has informed the national office of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees by telephone that the station is closing effective immediately. In response several unions and other … [Read more...]

Cummins to Harper – Don’t close Kits coast guard base

A former federal Conservative MP and now leader of the BC Tories has taken pen to paper to tell the Prime Minister that closing Kits Coast Guard base is a mistake. John Cummins says he has told Prime Minister Stephen Harper that closing Kits base will risk lives, affect safety of boaters, and is an all round bad idea. Cummins says his hope is that … [Read more...]

Prime Minister standing firm on Kits coast guard decision

Supporters of the Kitsilano Coast Guard base are hoping to attract the attention of the Prime Minister while he's in Metro Vancouver. Mike Cotter is the general manger of the Jericho Sailing centre. "I want to tell him that Vancouver's marine, transportation, industrial and recreational communities, along with all of our other elected officials … [Read more...]