January 21, 2018

The Premier continues campaign against Kits Coast Guard Base closing

Premier Christy Clark dropped by the Jericho Sailing Centre to discuss the closing of the Kits Coast Guard base, and she brought a check with her.  Jericho Sailing Centre GM Mike Cotter says the premier, while opposing the closing of Kits base, didn't say how the province is taking the issue up with Ottawa. "She couldn't give me any … [Read more...]

Premier goes online to try and save Kits Coast Guard

The Premier has taken to Youtube to denounce the Federal Government decision to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base.  In the video Christy Clark calls the decision 'disappointing" and adds response times will increase threatening the safety of those in harbour.  Clark also says the new inshore rescue boat in Stanley Park still leaves … [Read more...]

Fight for Kits Coast Guard station continues

There will be another last ditch rally this weekend to try and save the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base from being closed by the federal government.  Union of Canadian Transportation Employees spokesperson Dave Clark says the leaders of the provincial NDP and Conservative party will both speak at the 'all party' event. "So far confirmed is Mr. Dix, … [Read more...]

Lay off notices go out at Kits Coast Guard base

Lay off notices have been handed out to some of the staff at Kitsilano Coast Guard base ahead of the federal government closing it down this spring.  Retired base commander Fred Moxey says some senior staff have either recieved 120-day lay off notice or already been transferred out. "Some of the crew have been given 120 days notice and they … [Read more...]

Teen charged in attack on security guard

A 16 year old boy has now been charged in connection with a brutal attack on a 64 year old security guard. Hoshiar Bajwa was attacked at a job site near Pitt River Middle school in the early morning hours of October 14th. He was beaten by a group of young men. The 16 year old is now charged with one count of aggravated assault. Police are asking … [Read more...]

Much touted savings don’t exist via Coast Guard

The Federal Government will be saving less than it thought in closing the Kitsilano Coast Guard base next spring.  Coast Guard Commissioner Marc Gregoire says the net savings are only 700-thousand dollars a year, "We have 12 FTE's in total in Kitsilano. The closure of it will not incur a lot of costs per se." Gregoire says replacements for … [Read more...]

Kits base Canadian Coast Guard member speaks out

A retiring Canadian Coast Guard member who has spent almost 20 years at Kitsilano Base says it is time the federal government took the blinders off and stopped gagging its employees. Gerry Moores scoffs at claims by tory MP James moore and others who say safety won't be affected by closing Kits Base. "I would suggest I know quite a bit more than … [Read more...]

Family of wounded border guard issues statement

They say they've experienced every possible emotion. And they're grateful Lori is alive. The family of shooting victim Lori Bowcock has now issued a statement. Bowcock is the border guard who was shot in the neck by a distraught man on Tuesday at the Peace Arch border crossing.That man later took his own life. Lori continues to recover at Royal … [Read more...]

Shot border guard identified

We're learning more about the border guard who was shot in the neck yesterday afternoon at the Peace Arch border crossing. The woman is Lori Bowcock, who worked up until the spring with the Ontario Provincial Police. "She worked at the provincial communication centre located in London, Ontario, as a dispatcher. And she was also a member of the … [Read more...]

Security guard seriously injured in Port Coquitlam beating

A brutal beating has left a security guard in hospital with more than 100 stitches and a badly injured right eye. Hoshiar Singh Bajwa was hit repeatedly with a steel rod by three men early Sunday morning. He was patrolling a Port Coquitlam construction site. Operation Manager at Canuck Cecurity, Rupinder Sagoo says he got a call from dispatch just … [Read more...]