February 22, 2018

Pivot: Too many tickets handed out in Downtown Eastside

People in the Downtown East Side feel they are getting ticketed more than everyone else. Residents as well as Pivot Legal Society are challenging Vancouver Police on the way hand out by-law tickets. Pivot says 95 percent of some tickets are being handed out exclusively in the area. Douglas King says this sort of ticketing wouldn't happen in any … [Read more...]

Man handed lifetime driving ban for crash that killed a 23-year-old woman from Surrey

A 42-year-old man convicted of impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing bodily harm in December has been sentenced to three years in prison, and a lifetime driving ban. 23-year-old Vanessa Usak was killed when Stephen Jenkins’ car crossed the line in July 2008. A passenger in Usak's car was also seriously injured.  It … [Read more...]

Raises handed out at CLBC irk the NDP critic

The NDP's CLBC critic is slamming pay raises being handed out to Community Living BC executives.  Nicholas Simons says those are the same executives who denied the agency had any problems even as stories were being trotted out in the media.  "....the bonus structure, I think is just a symptom of a problem in that agency and I think that … [Read more...]

Free crack pipes to be handed out in Vancouver

Health officials in Vancouver say they will launch a pilot project later this year to distribute clean, unused crack pipes to drug users. While heroin users can pick up clean needles from ... Vancouver News latest RSS headlines - Big News Network.com … [Read more...]