February 25, 2018

Online Health Products: Debunking The Mad Myths

Everyone is constantly striving for perfection when it comes to their health. There is always one friend who has found the latest diet and swears it’s going to have miraculous results. The truth is that if there was one magical product that could fix everybody’s lumps and bumps, you would know about it. The online world leads us to believe that it … [Read more...]

Parents want to participate in mental health resources for youth

One of the parents in a meeting with BC's Health Minister left with some hope help is coming for kids dealing with mental health issues. However, she says any solution is a long way off. Kelly Bradley says over the short term parents will be left to deal with kids in crisis with no help from hospitals.   Bradley says, for parents, it is not … [Read more...]

How to start a digital health company + movie

Following Hacking Health Vancouver Sanotron and its programming partners has organized two highly educational, interactive and entertaining events for you on Thursday, April 25: First: A workshop called How to Start Your Digital Health Company
 8am – 12 noon at a location in downtown Vancouver (TBA) Second: A special private screening, followed … [Read more...]

Health minister powerless to intervene in Chilliwack chlorine controversy

BC's Health Minister admits she is powerless to intervene as Fraser Health orders Chilliwack to permanently chlorinate its water. Margaret MacDiarmid says it is not appropriate for government to take over from the Health Authorities when it comes to water. That said "I also think that residents of Chilliwack they are very concerned about the … [Read more...]

New job contract for thousands of BC health workers

More than 15-thousand health workers across BC have a new contract with the provincial government. The two year deal includes more money totalling three per cent for employees represented by the Community Bargaining Association. They include home-support workers, alcohol and drug counsellors, as well as staff at mental-health group homes. The … [Read more...]

Virtually no risk, says Fraser Health Authority

That's what an official says about adding chlorine to Chilliwack's drinking water. This, after hundreds of residents signed a petition to stop the Authority from doing so, over health and cost concerns. And the Mayor says the city has been recognized several times for its water quality. But Medical Health Officer Dr. Marcus Lem says recent … [Read more...]

Health Minsiter says she hears care card security concerns clearly

As the province is set to start rolling out new care services cards next week, the Health Minister says she's heard security concerns loud and clear. While the BC Civil Liberties Association has asked for card implementation to be halted over major privacy concerns --  Margaret McDiarmid says the important voice for her to listen to is the … [Read more...]

Fraser Health meets some, but not all targets

Fraser Health is out with a report on progress made in five areas of care in hospitals. Back in June, then-Health Minister Mike de Jong issued a directive to the authority to make improvements within 150 days. Fraser Health says three targets set out have been met, the other two showed "considerable improvement". The authority says the number of … [Read more...]


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BC’s Health Minister says province is doing well on prevention

Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid is defending the government's record on preventative health care.  This after a report by the Auditor-General suggested flat funding for prevention measures did not match the lofty rhetoric on the issue in recent throne speeches.  MacDiarmid says BC compares well to Alberta. "They spend significantly … [Read more...]