February 22, 2018

Holdout community centres want to hear from you

Six community centres continuing to refuse to negotiate with the Park Board want more people to let the city know what they think. The holdout centres have formed My Vancouver Community Centres and are laying out the road map to help others if they want to tell the city and Park Board that the plan to pool resources isn't the right approach. Eric … [Read more...]

Woman who killed child will hear results of another appeal Thursday

A day after canada's highest court rejected her latest bid to have her conviction overturned, Carol Berner will get the results of another appeal.  The Delta woman who killed four year old Alexa Middelaer in May of 2008 is also trying to have her sentence reduced. In November of 2010, she was ordered to spend 2.5 years in prison and … [Read more...]

Human rights tribunal to hear ‘Albino Rhino’ beer complaint

The BC Human Rights Tribunal will hear a complaint by a Vancouver woman with albinism over Earls' Albino Rhino beer and Albino wings. Ikponwosa Ero says the names are demeaning and humiliating, especially when customers say they would like to order "an Albino." Ero must prove she experienced an adverse impact because of the branding, and that her … [Read more...]

BC Supreme Court to hear alleged wrongful dismissal case of Vancouver Bylaw Enforcement Manager

Was Carlene Robbins fired, or did she quit? The alleged wrongful dismissal of a Bylaw Enforcement Manager with the City of Vancouver is at the heart of a case being heard this week in BC Supreme Court. Lawyer Robert Rogers says his client will testify she was "constructively demoted" three weeks after a house fire killed three men in December … [Read more...]

Court of Appeal to hear case of landlord’s sexual harassment

The BC Court of Appeal will hear a case today of whether a landlord's sexual harassment of his tenant is a discrimination of her human rights. The case involves a young woman who was sexually harassed by her landlord to the point of her having to move out of her East Vancouver home. "For this woman, it was an incredibly serious problem. She faced a … [Read more...]

Tribunal to hear Smart Meter complaint

The BC Human Rights Tribunal will hear a complaint from an anti-smart meter group. The tribunal has ruled the group "Citizens for Safe Technology Society" can bring forward its complaint against BC Hydro. It alleges the utility discriminated against people diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity told to avoid to exposure to wireless … [Read more...]

The municipal observer to the RCMP contract talks is still waiting to hear from Ottawa over surprise RCMP wage hikes.

A week after sending a letter to the Federal Public Safety Minister, after surprise RCMP pay hikes, and there is still no answer from Ottawa.  Langley city Mayor, and municipal observer to the RCMP talks, Peter Fassbender says the message from mayors and the province is blunt.   He said "We have made it clear minister Bond and her staff … [Read more...]

We’ll hear from the one that got away

A former prostitute, who says she escaped from serial killer Robert Pickton, is set to testify at the Missing Women Inquiry. The woman, who will use the fake name Anderson when she takes the stand, survived a bloody knife fight in March of 1997 at Pickton's home. Commissioner Wally Oppal is examining why an attempted murder charge was stayed the … [Read more...]

SCOC to hear local sex workers

Canada's highest Court will hear the Federal Government's case to stop Vancouver sex workers from challenging prostitution laws. The Supreme Court of Canada will hear Ottawa's appeal of a previous decision to allow the sex workers to do so. Kasari Govender with West Coast Leaf, a women's rights group, will be closely watching the hearing, "It's … [Read more...]