February 19, 2018

VPD asks for help to identify ailing woman

Vancouver Police are trying to identify a woman who needed emergency care this afternoon. She was found leaning against a pole around noon in the 6500-block of Maple Street. She had no signs of physical trauma, but her condition is now serious, and she hasn't been able to speak to authorities. She's Asian and in her 50s with long black hair and a … [Read more...]

Coquitlam RCMP need help finding missing man

Mounties in Coquitlam want to hear from you if you see a man reported missing on Thursday. 34 year old Dennis Koski was last seen at a public phone at the Cottonwood Pavilion on Poirier Street. Police say he seemed distraught and relatives are concerned about his well-being. Koski is described as caucasian, 6'1" tall, 232 pounds. He has brown eyes … [Read more...]

BMW readying vehicle loaner program to help i3 buyers avoid range anxiety

Range anxiety? Clearly, the decisive issue of today's automotive age. In an effort to avoid "pulling a Tesla" (or "pulling a Musk," as it's uttered in some circles), BMW is reportedly planning to offer petrol-powered loaners to i3 buyers who need to -- you know -- actually drive somewhere other than work. All snark aside, it's clear that the 80 to … [Read more...]

Japan will help pay for BC tsunami clean-up

BC getting one million dollars from Japan to help with the clean up of tsunami debris on our coast. The announcement comes just over two years after Japan was devastated by a strong earthquake and tsunami. One and a half million tonnes of debris washed out to sea and some of it is beginnnig to come ashore here in BC. Environment Minister Terry Lake … [Read more...]

Help make an arrest in sexual assault case

Surrey RCMP says somebody out there has evidence that will help them make arrests in a violent sexual assault on a sex trade worker in October. Corporal Bert Paquet says investigators now have some new DNA evidence after a months long investigation, "At this point in time, we are not disclosing if we have DNA on one or both suspects. We do have … [Read more...]

CLBC official pleased Turpel-Lafond will be able to help young adults

Officials with Community Living BC are pleased the province's children's watchdog is getting more power. Legislation introduced last week would allow Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond to assist young adults until they reach age 24. Right now, she has to stop advocating for developmentally disabled clients when they reach 19 and are transferred to the care … [Read more...]

Vancouver Police appeal to the public to help find missing man in desperate need of medication

The Vancouver Police is asking for the public's help in finding a fifty-five-year-old man in desperate need of medication. Officers say Robert Gregory Lewis was last heard from at around 8 yesterday morning as family left their home on Venables Street in East Vancouver.  He was reported missing at 4:30 last night. Lewis suffers from a number … [Read more...]

West Kelowna woman killed trying to help injured couple

A devastating story from the Coquihalla Highway last night. RCMP say three vehicles were involved in a crash north of Hope around dinner time. An elderly couple in one vehicle were injured so two men and a woman from the other two vehicles came to their aid - then things went terribly wrong. Another vehicle smashed into one of the crashed cars … [Read more...]

Surrey RCMP want your help finding missing man

Surrey mounties want to hear from you if you have any information on where 55 year old Edwin "Ted" Hornsby may be. Hornsby was reported missing Saturday. He was last seen at St. Paul's Hospital on Thursday. Hornsby was staying with friends in Surrey but has also stayed at shelters. He's been known to use skytrain to get around Greater … [Read more...]

Vancouver Police asking the public for help in locating missing woman

Vancouver Police are appealing to the public for help in finding a 33-year-old woman who has not been seen since Thursday. They say Kimberley Violet Halkett was last seen January 31st leaving her hotel room in the 500 block of Richards street. She’s described as 5'7" with a medium build and long black hair. At the time she disappeared she was … [Read more...]