February 18, 2018

24 year old charged with attempted murder after stabbing near Vancouver high school

Vancouver Police say a 24 year old man who lives in the United States has been charged after a stabbing last evening. Clifton Crowder has been charged with attempted murder. Police say a group was playing basketball on one of the outdoor courts of Templeton Secondary School shortly before 8:30 when one of the group was approached by a man and … [Read more...]

BC Greens aiming high for election

The leader of BC's Green Party says her team has gotten itself organized and is ready for this springs election. On Shaw TV's Voice of BC, Jane Sterk was asked why it's taken the Greens so long to become serious contenders especially as they mark their 30th Anniversary in BC. She says the party is now in a position to speak to various issues, not … [Read more...]

BC Attorney General: high risk offender under extraordinary measures

Attorney-General Shirley Bond says authorities are taking extraordinary measures to keep an eye on a high-risk violent offender recently released from jail. Bond says privacy law limits what she can say about the case of 23-year-old Kayla Bourque, but the government is taking this case seriously.     "I can tell you that I have … [Read more...]

Emotions running high in Surrey courtroom

The sentencing hearing continues for the woman who has pleaded guilty in the drunk driving death of 22 year old Kassandra Kaulius in Surrey. Tension and angst between two families caught up in the 2011 crash that killed a young woman. Court is hearing from friends and family of Natasha Warren,  who has pleaded guilty. Her mother Shelly Warren … [Read more...]

High marks for BC education system

High marks for BC's education system in an international ranking out today. A survey of 45 jurisdictions puts BC's grade four students in seventh place in terms of literacy. Education Minister Don McRae credits both teachers, and his own government. "First of all I think we have phenomenal teachers with a great teaching education program, second of … [Read more...]

“High Water” Washes Over Zoe Saldana

Actress Zoe Saldana, along with producers Jane Startz and Aida Bernal, have optioned the film rights to Joy Castro‘s debut novel mystery thriller "Hell Or High Water". The story follows New Orleans reporter Nola Céspedes as she is dragged into the city’s post-Katrina underworld on the trail of what she thinks will be her big scoop. The trio are … [Read more...]

Millennium Acquires A “High Value Target”

Millennium Films has acquired Spenser Cohen's high-concept action script "High Value Target" which will serve as the scribe's directorial debut. The story chronicles Mantis, a lethal special-operations unit that attacks a boat operated by Somali pirates. Essentially unfolding in real time, the movie almost entirely deals with the raid itself on … [Read more...]

Attempted abduction near Templeton High School

Vancouver Police are putting out a warning, after a teen girl was nearly allegedly abducted near Templeton High School. Sergeant Randy Fincham says the 16-year-old was walking near Lakewood and East Pender yesterday afternoon when three men in a van approached her. "The men yelled at the girl, attempting to convince her to get in the van. The girl, … [Read more...]

NDP leader talks what he considers ‘high income’

Adriax Dix has shed a bit more light on what he considers the "high end" of the individual tax bracket. Speaking in studio with CKNW's Bill Good, he reiterates his position -- that he has to look at the province's budget next spring before he can give a firm figure. But he says he does not consider $ 100,000 a year to be a high income. "We have to … [Read more...]

Two high speed drivers lose cars

Two drivers with lead feet have been caught excessively speeding in Richmond. A 27-year old man was clocked driving his 2002 Acura 3.2-TL at 190 kilometres per hour in an 80km zone. His car's been impounded 30 days because he refused to give police a breath sample. A 24-year old woman driving a 2012 Honda Civic has also lost her car for seven … [Read more...]