February 17, 2018

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai talks 4K, Xperia Z, death of the PS2 and more at CES 2013 (video)

4K TVs and streaming? The Xperia Z? The death of the PlayStation 2? Just a few topics of conversation as our own Editor-in-chief Tim Stevens sat down for a one-on-one interview with Sony CEO Kaz Hirai. We won't waste any more of your time here -- head on past the break to watch the full video!Continue reading Sony CEO Kaz Hirai talks 4K, Xperia Z, … [Read more...]

Sony’s Kazuo Hirai: liveblog from AsiaD!

We're back! AsiaD's concluding today, but we've got a couple of big hitters left on the schedule. Kicking things off this morning -- yeah, it's morning, we're in the future -- is Sony's Executive Deputy President, Kazuo Hirai, and we're guessing he'll be shooting it straight regarding the PS Vita, those nasty "outages" and whatever else he feels … [Read more...]