February 21, 2018

Richmond woman hopes to appeal murder case at Supreme Court of Canada

A Richmond woman convicted of murdering the woman she suspected of having an affair with her husband is not giving up her fight to stay out of prison. Jean Ann James is seeking approval for an appeal with Canada’s highest court. In January, the BC Court of Appeal upheld the now-72-year-old's first-degree murder conviction in the 1992 murder … [Read more...]

The mayor hopes to put a lid on a tiff among councillors

There will not be a code of conduct investigation into Vancouver city councillor Adriane Carr. That from the mayor's office. An e-mail statement says the mayor prefers to resolve the issue more informally and without a third party. It says on Friday, Robertson reached out to carr to organize a meeting with councillor Geoff Meggs to discuss the … [Read more...]

Family of B.C. prisoner murdered by cellmate hopes for government change

The family of a man murdered by his cellmate at a medium-security prison in the Fraser Valley is losing hope serial killers will soon be barred from sharing sleeping quarters. "Now, it's up to the government to follow through." Lawyer Myer Rabin speaks for the mother of Jeremy Phillips. The 33-year old was murdered in 2010 at Agassiz’s … [Read more...]

Developing: Premier hopes Auditor General will stay on

Premier Christy Clark says the process of selecting an Auditor General must be changed. But it's not clear if that means the current auditor will keep his job. In her first news conference of the year, Clark says the current process of choosing the Auditor-General is profoundly flawed. That process sees an all-party committee appoint an auditor for … [Read more...]

Target agrees to price match Amazon ‘year round,’ hopes you’ll stop showrooming

The CE pricing war just got really real. Gregg Steinhafel, Target's chairman, president and CEO, just announced a move that'll undoubtedly get the attention of Amazon. And while we're at it, the attention of Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, and practically every other major brick-and-mortar retailer that it competes with. Following Best Buy's move -- … [Read more...]

Local aboriginal activist hopes Harper is sincere about meeting with hunger-striking chief

A local organizer with the Idle No More movement says she is pleased Prime Minister Stephen Harper has agreed to meet with First Nations' leaders next Friday. "It’s about time. Historically, we've learned that there's always purpose behind any agreements between the government and indigenous people." Kat Norris, an organizer of an upcoming … [Read more...]

NDP accuses BC Liberals of using taxpayer cash to boost re-election hopes

The BC Liberals are promoting themselves under the guise of advertising government works. That's the claim from NDP finance critic Bruce Ralston. "Two of our BC New Democrat MLAs were up at the Liberal convention and they were handing out some BC Liberal stuff there that looks very much like some of the public advertising for the jobs plan, so it's … [Read more...]

Hastings race track hopes to cash in on locally trained jockey’s success

Mario Gutierrez, the surprise winner of this year’s Kentucky Derby, brought 8,000 fans to their feet at the Hastings race track last weekend. They were watching on TV screens then, but on Sunday, they got to meet their local hero in the flesh. Raj Mutti, the track’s general manager, says it's good for business. "The Kentucky Derby is … [Read more...]

BC’s Education minister welcomes LRB ruling, hopes for mediation with teachers

BC's Education minister sees new hope after the Labour Relations Board ruled on the jurisdiction issue over a government appointed mediator.  George Abbott says his hope is the mediation process can continue now that the Labour Board has ruled, removing Charles Jago is matter for the courts.   Abbott said "As the LRB put it in dismissing … [Read more...]

Education Minister hopes to work with the BCTF to choose a mediator

The Clark government will pass Bill 22 by the end of the business day, making strikes by the BC Teachers Federation illegal until the end of August. Education Minister George Abbott says he hopes the union then works with the government to choose a mediator.   "I do hope that Susan will take me up on my offer to provide us with … [Read more...]