February 20, 2018

RCMP respond to Human Rights Watch report

  The RCMP says it takes allegations of police abuse in a recent report "very seriously", but it needs more details to take proper action. Chief Superintendant Janice Armstrong says some of the allegations outlined in the Human Rights Watch report looking at policing along the highway of tears, have been reported but she says they want to … [Read more...]

Investigation continues into human remains found in Richmond

The Lower Mainland Integrated Tactical Team is continuing to search the area where human remains were found yesterday in Richmond. RCMP Corporal Sherrdean Turley explains. "The search is being done simply to ensure that nothing is left behind that may assist us with the investigation. At this time it's not known how long the search will take, but I … [Read more...]

Human remains discovered in grassy marsh area in Richmond

The coroner's office has been called in after human remains were found in Richmond. Corporal Sherrdean Turley says the mounties were called in around 10:00 Saturday morning to a grassy marsh area. "The remains are skeletal in nature which leads our investigators to believe they have been there for some time." Turley says the Coast Guard assisted … [Read more...]

HD mining loses human rights complaint against unions

Now that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has tossed out a complaint from a Chinese miner hired to work in Northern BC, local union leaders continue their fight to find out why jobs at the new mine in Tumbler Ridge were not offered to Canadians. "Maybe they should file a complaint on the federal and provincial government." Steve Hunt with the … [Read more...]

Human rights tribunal to hear ‘Albino Rhino’ beer complaint

The BC Human Rights Tribunal will hear a complaint by a Vancouver woman with albinism over Earls' Albino Rhino beer and Albino wings. Ikponwosa Ero says the names are demeaning and humiliating, especially when customers say they would like to order "an Albino." Ero must prove she experienced an adverse impact because of the branding, and that her … [Read more...]

Chinese miner files human rights complaint

A temporary worker from China hired to work in a northern BC coal mine has filed a human rights complaint against the United Steelworkers of America. The union's Steve Hunt says  the complaint comes as no surprise. "I guess it was expected. When all else fails, you know, attack, I guess. That's what they are doing. They have failed in court, … [Read more...]

Human rights groups slam Missing Women Inquiry ahead of deadline

The inquiry into B.C. missing and marginalized women, and why serial killer Robert Pickton wasn't caught sooner, didn't have to be this way. That, according to three human rights groups, days before the quiry is expected to deliver its findings. The B.C. Civil Liberties Association, Pivot Legal Society and West Coast LEAF have put together a report … [Read more...]

Human remains found in burnt car

The Vancouver Police Major Crime Section has been called in after human remains were discovered in a burnt vehicle. Around 7:30 last night, Vancouver Firefighters were called to Carolina Street and East 8 Avenue to put out a car fire. Minutes later they noticed the remains in the vehicle. No other details have been released.  CKNW Vancouver … [Read more...]

Flu shot sparks human rights court battle

Forcing health care workers to take the flu shot is a violation of human rights. That's the message from Reid Johnson, president of the Health Sciences Association Union, which has filed a grievance with its employers over a policy which mandates workers get vaccinated. "We encourage our member to get a flu vaccination every year but people for … [Read more...]

The Human Genomics Landscape: Bringing Genomic Medicine into Focus

Genome BC is proud to present Dr. Eric Green, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) as the 3rd Annual Don Rix Distinguished Keynote. On Thursday, November 1st, Dr. Green will discuss the current landscape in genomics research and the need to translate the knowledge and opportunities provided by the human genome sequence … [Read more...]