February 21, 2018

Environment minister pans idea to hike carbon tax

As a number of environmental groups call for a hike in the carbon tax BC's Environment minister says the idea is interesting but the timing stinks. Terry Lake says he appreciates the case made by the group, led by Tides Canada, but to hike the carbon tax now is simply not the right time. "We need to make sure that we are, again, making those steps … [Read more...]

Liberals reject idea of moving fixed election date

The Liberal government is saying "no" to moving BC's set election date to the fall, but the NDP says it's a great idea. Independent MLA's are calling for the change beginning in 2017 saying a fall election sees the budget already passed and the previous year's audited books available to the public. But Deputy Premier Rich Coleman is not … [Read more...]

Immigration minister addresses questions about citzenship revocation idea

Canada's Immigration Minister is speaking to questions around the idea of revoking a person's citizenship if they commit a terrorist act. Jason Kenney wants to look into legislation that could take a dual national's citizenship away. Speaking with CKNW's Sean Leslie, Kenney was asked about due process -- and how it could be determined whether a … [Read more...]

Delta Mayor rejects Regional Police idea

The Mayor of Delta held a news conference this morning to formally reject the key finding of Missing Women Commissioner Wally Oppal. Lois Jackson says a regional police force would be worse for Delta, not better. She says, "we have excellent police here in Delta.  We have a community police service that never quits and it works.  We have … [Read more...]

Richmond weighs in on airport pipeline idea

A decision could be made by the end of the month on whether a proposed pipeline project in Richmond will go ahead. But the City of Richmond is hoping two Provincial Ministers will hear from it first. Mayor Malcolm Brodie says he still has concerns, particularly around fire safety. An Environmental Assessment has been completed and sent to … [Read more...]

Idea of leaving GVRD not dead yet

The Township of Langley hasn't made any official moves to opt out of Metro Vancouver and joing the Fraser Valley Regional District, yet. Township Mayor Jack Froese says one of the things needing a look is if the move would generate any cost savings for Langley. He says "Council made a resolution to have a study to see what our costs and benefits … [Read more...]

Kinder Morgan boss challenges media mogul’s refinery idea

The president of Kinder Morgan is casting doubt on a proposed $ 13-billion oil refinery in Kitimat. David Black's proposed facility would have to compete with refineries around the continent “where the costs are lower, where you've got existing facilities that are designed to handle Canadian crude,” Ian Anderson says. “In today's … [Read more...]

Coast Guard union shooting down idea of replacing Kits station with auxillary members

One possible plan to replace the Kits Point Coast Guard station once it is closed is to use auxillary members, but the Coast Guard union isn't amused.  The Union of Canadian Transportation Employees National President Christine Collins says volunteers aren't replacements for trained coast guards. "Coast Guard auxillary's mandate is to … [Read more...]

Federal Heritage Minister James Moore responds to the idea of BC electing Senators.

The highest ranking Conservative cabinet minister in BC is applauding an MLA's private members bill moving the province towards electing its senators.  While Heritage Minister James Moore says it is a step in the right direction he was more restrained about the provision to increase the number of Senators in BC.  Moore admits BC is under … [Read more...]

The BC Teachers Federation is blasting the idea of a legislated end to contract dispute.

The BC Teachers Federation is blasting the government as they prepare legislation to end the contract dispute.   BCTF President Susan Lambert calls the governments move towards legislation a bullying tactic, adding she can only conclude the government never intended to bargain with teachers.  Lambert says they want the BC Public Schools … [Read more...]