February 18, 2018

Idle No More protesters disappointed Senator Brazeau facing charges

Idle No More protesters outside a Burnaby hotel where Prime Minister Stephen Harper spent the Friday say like him, they feel let down by Patrick Brazeau, a First Nations Senator now charged with assault and sexual assault. "Stephen Harper's got to go, hey, hey, ho, ho," they chanted. A handful of demonstrators say they were disappointed to learn … [Read more...]

Vancouver protesters join Idle No More’s national day of protest

Vancouver's noon hour 'Idle No More' rally Wednesday started slowly, but the crowd gradually grew to more than 100.  Holding up signs and playing traditional ceremonial prayers on the drums, demonstrators gathered outside  the Wall Centre where hearings on the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline are being held. Speakers … [Read more...]

Vancouver Idle No More protests continue

Today's Idle No More event is continuing tonight in downtown Vancouver. About a hundred or so protesters blocked off Robson and Burrard Streets brought traffic to a stand still. People are beating drums and singing traditional songs -- and some drivers have retaliated with music of their own by honking their … [Read more...]

Idle No More demonstrations set for Vancover

Local supporters of the Idle No More movement plan to hold demonstrations today in Vancouver. Protesters are set to meet at the Native Education College on East 5 Avenue near Main Street at noon. Drumming and singing, hundreds plan to march up to City Hall, but it's not clear which route they'll take. There, several speakers will take turns … [Read more...]

A few hundred gather at Peace Arch border in support of Idle No More movement

A few hundred people have gathered at the Peace Arch Border for a rally in support of the Idle No More movement. The crowd has formed a circle below the Peace Arch and with flags waving in the breeze, song and the sound of drums has been ringing out. Those gathered are there for various reason, but they're all there in support of the … [Read more...]

Saturday’s Idle No More protest at Peace Arch crossing ‘not a blockade’

Those taking part in tomorrow's Idle No More rally at the peace arch border crossing say they have no plans to block traffic. The demonstration, set for 1 p.m., is expected to see more than 800 people attend from both sides of the border. Organizer Kat Norris says this is not a blockade, as similar events for the indigenous movement have been in … [Read more...]

First Nations Senator opposes ‘Idle No More’ movement

A First Nations Senator is coming out against the 'Idle No More' movement.  Senator Patrick Brazeau says the movement is short on offering much needed solutions to problems plaguing aboriginal peoples.  Matter of fact Brazeau says the 'Idle No More' movement is spreading "mis-information" about federal bill C-45. "It is going to allow … [Read more...]